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When “It Hits the Fan” and “Catch 22″…

Friday, October 30th, 2009

Sometimes phrases and cliches slip into our speech and we take these for granted
without questioning where these came from, or, why we are using things that we
heard from others, or from movies and TV shows.

There is nothing wrong with it but we should consider that advertising agencies
and copy writers thrive from these as well.

We become brainwashed more often than not just because some phrases that
we use ourselves are unconsciously burned into our brains, and we therefore
fall into the trap of buying a product or a service that used in their advertising
the exact phrase we used, or keep using.

For the title I set a part of the well known “When the shit hits the fan,” and it’s
meaning is: “Messy and exciting consequences brought about by a previously
secret situation becoming public.” And you could check out the rest on phrases.org.uk.

Have you ever asked yourself, how come we humans watch TV programs or
movies when these type of phrases are used in their titles, or descriptions?
And does it has to do with some part of our ability to forget for a moment our
own troubles when we can watch and laugh at the same type of troubles that
others are having? And is this the same part of our consciousness that makes
us laugh when someone near us drops on the floor, or falls from his bike? And
all the people nearby keep watching and laughing even though the person is
embarrassed and in pain?

The other one, “the catch 22’s” meaning is: “A paradox in which the attempt
to escape makes escape impossible.” Check again phrases.org.uk for it’s origin etc. Paradoxes have always fascinated me in the same way these controversies do. And this
according to me is part of being a human with a bit of intelligence up it’s
shoulders. However, than – the question arises: How can an intelligent
person act so stupidly and laugh when another is in pain, or embarrassed?

Here is a very nice video about the Catch 22 in letting go…

On another note – you’ve probably noticed the new look of totally-useless.com,
and it’s half-finished appearance – meaning: blank advertisements and such.
There are some health issues going, and, than – Vista is becoming a major
annoyance and I have all kind of problems with my WP interface and IE8
experience. However, somewhere next week I’ll have the Windows 7 and
so hope that I’ll be able to work better and surf well when online from there on.

For the US readers of totally-useless – wishing you a Happy and Scary Halloween
for tomorrow, and blessed All Saints to the once that celebrate it in the rest of the world.
Keep yourselves healthy, and awesome and be always fabulous, whatever you do 🙂

Patrick Swayze is no more…

Wednesday, September 16th, 2009

Yesterday was really a bad day for all the fans of Patrick Swayze, and for his family and friends. The actor lost the battle against cancer and left many with broken hearts. My favorite of his was the “Ghost” movie, and I remember how touched I was, and how much I cried while watching this hit movie. And not once but I think three times in a week or so as I couldn’t get enough of it…

At times I wonder how many of these type of post will be here on totally-useless.com in the end, when I will stop posting one day… Not that I am planning to stop any time soon. It’s just that in the past few months I wrote about several stars that passed away, and it’s such a pity that science still hasn’t found the cure, or cures for all type of cancers.

This video is from Patrick Swayze while dancing with his wife Lisa Nieme to the song All The Man That I Need as a salute to multiple award winner Whitney Houston in 1994. And it’s such a beautiful expression of the Love between Patrick and Lisa, that it made me cry…
Nevertheless at least she has the memory of it, and maybe, just maybe, his Ghost movie might recount what his wife will be experiencing shortly…

Quantum… Everything!

Saturday, May 30th, 2009

It’s been for sometime now that I am exploring RV – Remote Viewing, and Quantum Jumping, plus Matrix Energetics. The primary thing is another perception, or shall I say understanding of the world that surrounds us. And another understanding of ourselves, and what we truly are too. Quantum Physics is the stepping stone to a new Foundation for the Future of our planet and us in it.


The principles that are able to unlock the powers (which are hidden within us all) are keeping me going with my quest and search for the magic button, and now and, than I’ll be mentioning this and that in the Totally Useless blog. Soon many of us will start observing and perceiving reality differently than, until now. And I guess that the year 2012 and all the predictions about the end of the world have to do with it. Somehow our world is Infinite and so are we. May we only wake up in time…

infinity again...

Cheers to Your Health, while loosing the wrinkles too :)

Sunday, May 24th, 2009

If you drink some red wine daily you might be getting enough of resveratrol. And resveratrol research has been in the news for a while now. And if you are a non drinker and live in the US, you could take the free trial of the ResV pills from this page.

Resveratrol is diminishing wrinkles as well, and it helps loosing weight and prevents diseases of aging. It sounds like a miracle cure, and if it works – I am absolutely for it. Living longer and being healthy while we live longer has always been a wish, and if ResV is within the reach of everyone, than, why not 😉

We will receive not what we idly wish for but what we justly earn?

Monday, May 4th, 2009

It is one of these days when I am inclined to post a totally useless rant. It’s about how much I dissagree with the quote of Earl Nightingale: “We will receive not what we idly wish for but what we justly earn. Our rewards will always be in exact proportion to our service.”

...yeah, righ, I don't want a photo!...

In regards to the above quote – it doesn’t really work this way since life is not fair. And probably in another time, or dimention, and in a place where things are perfect we will receive what we justly earn…


Don’t judge a book by it’s cover…

Monday, April 20th, 2009

Susan Boyle became the Idol of the world with one bold performance. And I read about her in some of the Dutch newspapers daily. She is already a star, and on YouTube people wonder when will a CD of her become available as they will be ready to buy it! The video here is taken live at her home in Scotland, and the other one is of Cry Me a River, a recording from 1999. Simply amazing the voice Susan Boyle has, and we wish her all the luck and happiness she deserves…

Watch CBS Videos Online

May Susan’s wish become true!

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