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For what’s worth it…

Tuesday, November 25th, 2008

Sooner or later in life we all have to make some radical choices. Imagine now that you have only two options to choose from.

Option #1: Forget about your interests and what you like doing and embark in a business which you know you hate doing but the money issues are getting worse than ever and you have no other ways of earning that much, or at least as much as you need to be earning and meet all your expenses.

Option #2: You keep doing what you are doing and keep hoping that somehow, and soon you will be earning the kind of money that you need.

So, these are the options that you have and the decision you take is a lasting one.

skull ring reflecting

According to the Law of Attraction (The Secret) – people’s thoughts (both conscious and unconscious) dictate the reality of their lives, whether understand it.
Is it possible that instead of creating a life filled with all the blessings you’re looking for – you are creating the one pushing you to make the choice described above?

And what about the teachings of most business Guru’s: While working on something that you love – you will succeed because working on what you love will be pleasurable and will keep you involved always? How come you haven’t been successful at all while doing what you love to do?

Think now of the famous quote of Einstein: “Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.”

Making a choice is actually less freedom than many of us think. There are options to choose from but choosing you shall. The option of not making a choice is not there. Or is it?

Tears and joy...

Would really love to hear your opinions and views on the above.
And if you were wondering how come I am not posting more often – due to health issues I’ve been off line for longer than a month. Will post as often as I can and wishing you a splendid week ahead and may you always make the right choices 😉

Why the Negative, or the Shocking is winning over the Positive and Uplifting?

Wednesday, August 20th, 2008

should I stay or should I go...

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Have you ever wondered how come we humans react so much more, and with so much more passion to the negative or shocking news than to the positive and uplifting? What is it that makes us crave for the worst instead of the best? Because of it – I feel so repelled by people that are using their negativity to spread it around as some kind of disease, a virus of hate… And for sometime now I am ending relationships with anyone who is spreading negativity and bad feelings around. As I wish NOT to be “sickened” by them, and help spread unknowingly perhaps, this virus.
No matter what I do, or am trying to do however, these folks do seem to thrive and go on with whatever they are trying to achieve. Take as example the blog review about “Totallly-Useless” that was posted today on BlogCatalog.com:

Robert Said:
The word philosophy is from the Greek..philo love Sophia wisdom. A lover of wisdom or more to the point a searcher for absolute truths. You cannot have a personal philosophy only a personal viewpoint, as absolute truths are not personal by definition.
Robert UK

Rating: 1 | Posted: Wednesday August 20th, 2008 at 04:06 | Report This Comment

This “Robert UK” figure did not even have a blog submitted on BlogCatalog, and yet, he came there and trashed with his “rating of a mere 1” this blog.
Besides, who is he, this anonymous Robert UK, to come to tell me that there is no such thing as a “personal philosophy” but only a “personal view point?” And is it not that on my own blog I can call things as I decide to call them? And having a “personal philosophy” is very much part of it… No matter what such Robert’s of UK decide to rate my blog with 🙂

Another example of how the Negative is getting more attention than the Positive are the amounts of people checking for such news stories, and when they find them, be it online, or on TV, or in newspapers, they have no time or attention left for all the positive news stories there. Research has shown time and time again the people feel more alive, and energized when they can react strongly on a negative story than in the same manner to a positive one. How come? Because the negative is feeding us with hormones that make us feel ready to fight, or ready to start a tirade with strong words. The positive on the other hand makes us relax and enjoy whatever we are reading, or hearing, or viewing. When we feel at piece we could easily be alone and feel great. On the other hand – negativity needs company, and makes us search for an audience with which we could share how upset we are. Perhaps we humans need the stress more than we need happiness and bliss. And if this is indeed so, I do refuse to be part of it…
And, than I think that making my point won’t be a problem. Trying to stop myself from elaborating on every possible detail – well, that might be.

Do you know who I really, really, really love...?

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Now I’d love to hear, or shall I say – read, your point of view in regards. Wishing you all a happy and stress free week ahead 🙂

absolutely out of the question…

Thursday, August 14th, 2008

What is “absolutely out of the question” you might ask. The expectance of a straight answer from particular folks is… So, that alone should answer it for you.
I was planning to post several times in the last week but due to circumstances I couldn’t. And I was fighting with folks as described here above, and I was fighting with my own procrastination and unwillingness to get down to it and write. The 2nd part of myself, the negative one, was winning on all fronts, and my 1st me, the positive one, was too overwhelmed by the “bad me” to be able to fight it.

8-8-8 - As Above So Bellow - trice...

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The photo here above was meant to be posted on the 08-08-08, however, as I explained above it did not happen. It was chosen to be displayed on an article talking about the opening of the Olimpics in China and I did submit there. The 8-8-8 was a very special day for especially the light workers. It is expected that many more “doors” will open on this particular day, and more, much more magic will start happening all around Earth. I really hope this is true as I am in need of more magic into my own life, and the life of my loved once…

And with this photo here I am leaving you until my next post. A friend of mine wrote about it the following:”THIS IS A TEST for “humanity”. the comp, angle , colors and DOF have set so well that this is a mood spinner…”. So I hope it will bring you joy, as this is what it was meant for 🙂

joy for you...

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Wishing you all a great week ahead and talk to you soon

Have you ever helped lifting someone else’s spirit?

Monday, August 4th, 2008

Even though I am so exhausted and have difficulties staying awake I wanted to post and let you know that I am still planning to go on with my blog(s). If you are following my Flickr account and see the daily uploaded photos, my partner uploaded them and not me, and he has been the one doing it for almost 3 months now. As for me, I have the flu due to getting soaked under the rain, and I was able to get under the hot shower it was already too late. In any case, the fever is down now but I am sleeping for the most part of the day as my body is demanding it.

The question in the title has to do with the latest uploaded photo of mine that I wanted to share with you. A break triggered it – between me and a girl-friend. I am not about to discuss why I had to end the friendship, but rather the exact opposite. So, here is my question, have you ever helped any one to fly? Helped in whatever way, and in any type of relationship – have you helped and stood by someone who was depressed? Or did you help another person to become better in whatever they are striving for? Or did you do exactly the opposite, and later blamed yourself for having acted nasty instead of being friendly and helpful? It will be really great to get some answers on the questions here above.

helping one to fly...

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Today I received an email from Jason Mangrum where he was telling about the latest song of his wife Skye. She is so very talented and beautiful young woman and I was filed with admiration for her ability to sing and write her songs herself. And have to agree with Jason that she is indeed with so many talents, and it will not surprise me if she becomes a star next to being in the marketing, and busy with helping people getting an understanding of the spiritual world. Enjoy her video and I will try to post again soon. And have a great week ahead

Do we really, or is it the other way around?

Sunday, July 27th, 2008

Kind of strange post this one will be, however, I did it on purpose to pose the question as the title without letting you know beforehand what it is all about.
The question was referring to – do WE hold Destiny in our hand, or is it the other way around, that Destiny is holding us in her hand?

Most people that I know, believe in karma, and in destiny, and so do I. Years ago I also believed that karma and destiny are un-changeable, and once set up by the Creator we might as well give all hope fare that we could ever change what was set up for us. My earlier belief in regards to the above has changed considerably lately, and now I belief that we do hold Destiny in our hand.

Imagine how you would feel when you discover that you are holding your Destiny in your own hand. Somewhere deep inside your heart you know it. Yet, you don’t trust the feeling entirely simply because you have been made to believe differently. And you’ll need some kind of solid proof to convince you otherwise. I believe that most people are presented with the possibility to find that out, and be it sooner, or be it later – it will come for you too. It did come for me, and I feel so good about it. So much stronger and self-assured than ever. It’s like that I was blind and now I can see, and even though this is a cliche`- it’s true. The capture here under is my answer to the question title of this post.

We hold Destiny in our hands... YES!

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Share if you have anything to tell in regards, and wishing you a splendid week ahead with the following capture that I happen to love.

may your Saturday be splendid...

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Talk to you soon and Be Happy 🙂

Please note that non of my photos may be used without my explicit permission, and every work of mine is copyrighted. Contact me if you wish to use any of my photos and do not download any without having received my written permission. Thank you.

The name of this orchid is Calanthe triplicata…

Saturday, June 21st, 2008

While shooting some photos of different species of orchids I had no possibility to find out their names and take a note of these. I wrote to several orchid related web sites, asking if anybody knew the specie of this orchid, and today I received a reply from a Japanese University professor with a link to her site describing the specie and several photos too.

always together...

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And to stay on the same track as in my previous posts, here is what George William Childs once wrote:

Do not keep the alabaster box of your love and
friendship sealed up until your friends are dead.
Fill their lives with sweetness. Speak approving,
cheering words while their ears can hear them
and while their hearts can be thrilled and made
happier. The kind things you mean to say when
they are gone, say before they go.

Only those who see the invisible can attempt the impossible...

And the photo here above is a Self-Portrait shot a few days ago. What Dick Eastman wrote seemed very appropriate with it: “Only those who see the invisible can attempt the impossible.”

With these thoughts I am wishing you a splendid weekend and will talk to you soon

Please note that non of my photos may be used without my explicit permission, and every work of mine is copyrighted. Contact me if you wish to use any of my photos and do not download any without having received my written permission. Thank you.

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