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How to Keep Your Domain Names Safe, and Privacy vs Transparency…

Monday, July 6th, 2009

Today on Blog Catalog the owner of GoSmellTheFlowers.com posted about the theft of his just mentioned domain name. And you could read his story and how this hostage of his domain name happened on his GoSmellTheCoffee.com site.

If you take the time to go and absorb the story and comments on GoSmellTheCoffee.com – you will probably learn a lot about what not to do in order to protect the ownership of your domains. And you also might ask yourself if it was necessary to go public with the private info of all concerned in this matter? The answer is an obvious “No” – for me at least, as one never knows how many scammers and folks with bad intentions are reading all of it.

And while the story was unfolding, a newly written article by Michel Fortin – Don’t Be Transparent, Be Authentic Instead – was published on his blog, that goes about transparency and how much of it is more than enough. A highly recommended post and definitely one to read.



Enjoy your summer and keep yourself, and your domain names, and private life safe…

The Soul Age – Are you a Young, or an Old Soul?

Sunday, April 26th, 2009

This is a question that have kept me researching myself and others for quite some time. And the MichaelTeachings.com site has provided a few very usefull points in an otherwise useless for some research.

The soul ages categories described here are but very few – infant soul, baby soul, young soul, mature soul, old soul, and according to me there are varied nuances between the soul ages that are left out. Taking for example my own soul age, I could be classified as a mixture of a Mature – 65% to 70% and an Old Soul – 35% to 30%. And most of what I am – a Mature Soul, while there are some of the traits that are concerning the Old Soul age.

“Why is this important,” someone might ask. Well, it becomes important when one is seeking the answer as to “Why am I here on the Earth plane, and what is the point to it all?” And the question is usually posed by people who don’t know yet, what the purpose of their lives is.

Most of the Mature Souls are studying and going for degrees, just like I am doing with the future degree in Philosophy. And there are times that the Old Soul in me is rebelling, and questioning my decision for this philosophical degree, while proclaiming its futility. And it becomes even more important when Carol Mann presents the Soul Age under just two categories: Old and New Souls. The only two Soul Ages in her article is an overly simplistic description, and it does not give a real answer to the once in search of their own Soul Age. To put it simply – just like the cropped version of the original photo, that you can see here bellow.

...up and down...


While here is the original with all, or with most of the Soul Ages in it.

gulls in the air

An inspiring lesson about What’s Beauty Have to Do With It…

Tuesday, April 14th, 2009

Today I read a post on Tom Justin’s blog Your Inner Wizard that really did something to me. The video is a MUST and you should see it, trust me – you have to see it in order to comprehend what the title of this post is all about. And as Tom Justin is saying in his post: “…You are in for a few minutes of bliss and a lesson in basic humanity.”


This video is proving for me some very important facts in life:

1) Never stop believing in yourself – no matter how many have ridiculed you up till now.
2) Beauty is nice to have, or to be, however – if you are talented you could achieve your dream without being beautiful.
3) Dare to be bold, and to take any of the chances given to you.

Stop This Cruelty – Stop the Baby Seal Slaugher in Canada!

Monday, March 16th, 2009

The following article on the PETA website reminded me of the fight against this most barbaric “sport”, and way of earning money repeating itself yearly in Canada. What can we do to stop it? To begin with, everyone living in Canada should sign a petition and tell their government that this is absolutely unacceptable practice, and make themselves be heard. For all the others living outside Canada – inform yourselves about demonstrations, and speeches, or write a letter, or an email to Canada’s embassy in your country. Send your friends, and family to PETA’s article and make yourself be heard, one way or another.

Let’s make sure that this shameful atrocity will come to end NOW…

YOU CAN HELP! Please, sign this petition asking the European Union to ban trade in all products derived from the commercial slaughter of seals.

Humane Society International

The beauty hidden in “Namaste”…

Monday, February 23rd, 2009

This video is filled with beauty and wisdom and the only critique that I have about it is that the text goes too fast. I saw it on the blog of The Acolyte Tao and wanted to re-post it here, so that more people will be able to enjoy it…

And this is my Namaste for you – in white 🙂

Namaste (...in white)

May your week be splendid, while you have the eyes to see it, and the heart to feel it with… 😉

Re-routing Enthusiasm and Achieve Everything you Want?

Tuesday, December 16th, 2008

This morning I stumbled again upon a video of Tellman Knudson titled “Sexual Transmutation”, and I wanted to share it here with you for several reasons. Please note, this video is not geared toward sex and it goes about something much deeper that is buried within each one of us. It’s about the strongest of desires and how to re-rout it and get the motivation that is lacking, and shifting the flow of energy so that you achieve what you want. You will become an unstopable force, finally…


Of course, after watching it I re-read chapter 11 of “Think and Grow Rich” and am planning to try this out for myself. And if you lack enthusiasm with your work, and with the achievement of your goals, than by all means – go and try this out for yourself 😉

What does your heart say?

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