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Shameful rite in Denmark – Human Atrocity at it’s Worse…

Wednesday, February 3rd, 2010

Some keep calling us humans – animals, and when watching something like the following footage, I do agree with it. There is a big difference still between animals and us humans. The animals – do not have such atrocious rites to prove that they are mature! I couldn’t stop crying at first, and afterwards I felt ill for a while. And I kept wondering is there something that can be done besides for spreading the message on the Net? And it does no matter if these animals are dolphins, or pilot whales. They keep coming to this same island, and keep getting slaughtered year after year, and I wonder why? These are highly intelligent creatures, and aren’t they able to spread the word about the crazy humans that are proving their maturity by killing them in the most despicable ways?

And this video is even more awful…

And after you watched the video – do share it with friends and family if you please, and ask them to spread the word and do something about it. This is the same type of atrocity as the clubbing of baby seals in Canada, and I am ashamed that such shocking and barbaric rituals are allowed in Europe…

Terrible Terms of Purchase, or Purchase Agreement…

Sunday, January 31st, 2010

Today I received an email that I was chosen as a beta tester of a program. Only 100 people will be able to be part of this beta tester team, and the price of the product for the beta testers is minimal – only $97, while the product will be sold for a price between $497 and $1997. And because the product is created with some secret technology that sparkled my imagination I was about to buy it. To be honest the sales letter sucked big time, but as I said – I was curious enough and willing to purchase – until I got to the documents underneath the “I want to be a secret beta tester” buy button.

And the more I read of these, the bigger, the shock became… And in other words – I was dissuaded from purchasing this secretive invention that otherwise – if mine – would have made me able to create anything I wanted within 22 minutes a day. And I still am a bit hesitant – shall I go for it – no matter that I am giving away all my rights? And that there is no refund whatsoever is not the problem at all, or that they will be sewing me if I still wanted one, or made a refund request with the credit card I was purchasing with. There were the other things that bothered me, and these were – that I agree beforehand to receive emails and sales letters from companies – to whom, the seller has sold my info (so I am a “lead”). While I was reading the RIGHTS AND OBLIGATIONS OF THE BUYER my inner voice was already screaming – DO NOT BUY! And I was only about 1/3rd of the document…

The other things that stopped me from buying were:

1) That the product is sold ‘as is’ without warranty or guarantee of any kind.

2) That the buyer agrees to accept all risk associated with the use of this product.

3) That the seller is disclaiming all liability whatsoever.

4) That the seller’s total liability, even for erroneous product content that causes damage to the buyer, shall be limited to the purchase price paid for the product.

5) That the seller’s total liability, even from harm caused to the buyer or to others from use of the product, shall be limited to the purchase price paid for the product.

6) That the Seller’s total liability, for any other injury, harm, or tort of any kind, whether foreseeable or unforeseeable, shall be limited to the purchase price paid for the product.

7) Buyer understands that some states do not allow limitation of liability.

And there are so much more disturbing disclaimers following the once that I just mentioned. However the weirdest thing was underneath on the Purchase Agreement:

This “Purchase Agreement” is © 2003-2008 by ……….. Corporation and ……. Processing Center, Inc. (888) ……., and is fully licensed for use by this website. If you wish to lawfully use this Terms of Use on your website, contact support@………..com for licensing information or visit “legal documents website.”

The website mentioned above under “legal documents website” is down, and the website that was in the email address goes to a totally different type of a site – an affiliate website that has nothing to do with Internet law whatsoever. According to me the seller is not aware that the “legal document” – aka Purchase Agreement that they are using up to this date is no longer “legal.” And most probably against the new FTC rules. Nevertheless since I am not an attorney – I am not making any claims as to what is legal, or not here.

The mentioned Purchase Agreement could be downloaded from the following link by right clicking, and saving the Safe Target As… Everything is exactly as on their website, except for me taking off the companies name, and telephone, and address. And the email address and link to the website of the quoted above text.

Purchase Agreement

The entire purpose of this post is to make you aware as to why one needs to read every disclaimer page on a product’s website before you think of pulling out your credit card.

Beware my friends and be always fabulous.

Page Speed is to Become a Ranking Factor?

Sunday, January 10th, 2010

On the 28th of December 2009 I read on webpronews.com about their interview with Matt Cutts regarding the latest algorith that Google will be using as a ranking factor. With great interest I read the comments on this post, and was disappointed to see that for many – the speed of a website was more important than the actual content. And of course, we always lack time, and the quicker, we are finished with surfing around – the more time we have to spend in more enjoyable things on and off line.

The major things bugging me in this new algorithm are the following:

1) People, and companies with cash enough could afford a fast dedicated server. But what about the once running, their websites on overcrowded shared hosting accounts? Or those with a free website?

2) And about the people scraping content from let’s say slow loading websites? They obviously can afford a fast dedicated server, and the scraped content will rank higher than where it originally came from, and in 99% of the time – without the permission of the content owner.

3) Google always places the importance in the “visitors”, and their advertisers, but not in the webmasters. The once that promote their ads and get a cut for doing so.
Hm, but are the majority of visitors not these same webmasters, and many of these are also advertisers – a thing that Google more often than not seems to forget?

And while Google and Bong are seemingly more interested in the speed of the sites – Yahoo made me happy with their dedicion to keep their Search Results geared toward great content and not the speed of a site.

Totally-Useless.com went from a PR4 (and this was so for longer than 2 years) to a PR3 about a week ago, and I kind of wonder what the heck was this about. It couldn’t be the speed, although this last theme does take longer to load due to the Adsense ads! Yes, Google’s own baby – the Adsense ads are part of the “slow loading” problem here. So, this was kind of a sucking start of the New year for totally-useless.com – with a nice “Thanks” from Google for it.

Trust me though, totally-useless.com will be back to where it was, and will get even higher than a PR4  😉

Snow, ice and birds...

Be always fabulous and have a great week ahead!

Truly Disappointing Results from the PayPal Offer I shared with you…

Friday, December 18th, 2009

Truly Disappointing Results from the PayPal Offer I shared with you all…

Since one of my New Years resolutions IS to Not look back and ponder disappointing results ever again – I decided to spit all the disappointments out before the Holiday times will start, so that I wouldn’t poison my state of mind and inner peace any further.

Several days ago I shared the $100 PayPal offer here on Totally Useless, and I have no idea what I really expected from it, but definitely not the results shown here bellow.


If you knew that on the day I posted it, more than 240 people read the post, and yesterday about the same amount – could you imagine my disappointment? On the moment that you make a PayPal wish list – you start with $1 given to any one by PayPal themselves, so all in all only 2 people took my word and opened such a PayPal wish list. You are reading it correctly, just 2 out of the 500+ who read the post! And this I think is so absolutely amazing, and so much speaks about people not trusting one another online, or how much they trust me, that I can only grin, and, than shake my head, than come to the conclusion, that it doesn’t matter how much you’d like the best for everyone, if almost no one will take any action… Or I must start believing that everyone reading this blog has so much cash, that $100 more or less wouldn’t actually matter at all.

So dear readers – do as you please, and know that the offer ends on the 31st of December, leaving you with only 14 days to take advantage of it, and share it with your own friends, and whomever else you wish.

Take care and be always fabulous – no matter what 😉

Totally useless

Sunday, November 15th, 2009

There are days that are totally useless, and whatever you are trying to do isn’t working out. Today is such a day for me, and I wasn’t even planning on posting here but than it struck me that it will be a total loss if I didn’t post about it on my Totally Useless blog 😉

I am still having troubles with my computer, and with how Word Press is behaving with IE8. And the last WP update didn’t help even a bit. Nor did the updates of Vista Ultimate. And I am still to install the Windows 7, but the trouble is that than my Windows Mail will be gone, and I cannot get used with the Windows Live Mail. So, can anyone tell me how the email problem with Windows 7 was solved?

And instead of a capture or two of my own – today I will post some nice images that I was sent by friends on the Tagged community.

a very fine Tuesday

The above one was sent to me by Riet. Isn’t it an awesome looking girl? And Riet wished me a very fine Tuesday with it… And yes, here it’s still Sunday right now, but since it is such an useless day I wish it was Tuesday already 😉

And this one was sent by my friend Marjolein, and I so much love it – great art and so well done.


Wishing you all, a splendid week ahead without useless days in it… Be splendid and fabulous always!

“The Seat of the Human Soul” according to Descartes

Friday, October 23rd, 2009

The pineal gland has been identified by many philosophers and mystics as the ‘third eye’. Descartes even declared that it was the seat of the human soul. It is specially located in the centre of the human brain. It is positioned in between the right and left hemispheres of the brain. Special powers have been attributed to the pineal grand which is sometimes associated with the sixth chakra. Chakra is the term used in yoga to mean third eye. Some other people cling onto the belief that the pineal gland, which is dormant most of the time, can easily be awakened to facilitate telepathic experiences.

According to the following video the human soul is in the 8th chakra, which is the heart chakra. My own beliefs are closer to the 8th chakra, and would really like to know your opinion in regards.

On the other hand – according to scientists, the pineal gland is an endocrine gland that is exactly the size of a pea and which produces a hormone known as melatonin. This hormone is responsible for the regulation of the body sleep and clock cycle. It is stimulated by pitch darkness while light inhibits it. The levels of melatonin production reaches peak levels at 2 a.m. in the case of healthy people who are normal. Among the elderly, the amount of melatonin produced is half of that produced in young adolescent people. This makes health professionals to believe that the levels of melatonin are very good indicators that one in ageing. Longevity is clearly hinted at thorough a look at the amount of melatonin produced by the individual.

During the day, levels of melatonin are at their lowest. When the sun sets, lack of light triggers the sending of neural signals into the brain and this makes it to start producing the hormone. The rise continues for hours, reaching its peak at 2 a.m. in the morning, there is a very steady decline in the levels of melatonin that the organ produces. Aging is hinted at when there is poor timing of the production of this hormone.

Neuroendocrine functions are regulated by the melatonin impulses. The intensity of the melatonin peak realization should not be upset. If it is upset, factors such as aging, stress, jet lag and working in the night shift or having to stay awake all night talking or making love are to blame for this scenario. In all these cases, the mental functions of the brain are adversely affected, leading to disruption of the biological clock.

The artificial jet lag comes about as a result of work and other activities that interfere with the normal circadian cycle. Intake of melatonin in the evening can easily and rapidly reset the biological clock such that you are going to go on with your activities in the new time zone normally. The ability of melatonin to alleviate the jet lag has been proven to be effective through numerous experiments.

I became interested in the use of melatonin because of the headaches and migraines I am having almost daily. Several clinical studies show that supplementation with melatonin is an effective preventive treatment for migraines and cluster headaches, so I started using it, and there is some improvement. The use of melatonin has helped with many other disorders such as Cancer, ADHD, or mood disorders, and gallbladder stones. If you suffer from any of the abovementioned disorders, do some research and see which supplement of melatonin could be of help to you.

Stay well and be splenidid always 🙂

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