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Why almost everyone loves to blog?

Tuesday, January 19th, 2010

Yesterday I had a conversation with a friend about blogging, and how come so many bloggers were using free blogger.com, or wordpress.com accounts instead of having their own domain names hosted. I don’t think it’s only the cost of having your own domain name, and a hosting account. It’s also the hassle with having to learn about FTP, and how to set up a blog on your won domain within your hosting panel, and all kind of technicalities that for most could become an issue.
And since I cannot imagine having an URL like: http://totally-useless-blogger.com or something like that I checked the possibility to set up a blog under my own domain for free, or almost for free that was sent to me by Mitch. Read the following info, and I would use the promotional code for buying some domains for as little as $4.95.

Ever wonder why everyone seems to keep creating their own blogs? Even big companies that already have their own websites still make efforts to create a blog. This gives them a better and more effective marketing strategy for their business. And for others who just want a personal site to merely share their thoughts or experiences in life, blogging is just too rewarding to ignore. It gives them the freedom to just say what they want to say and being able to share that to a lot of people. Having said that, I guess the question should be… “What’s not to love about blogging?”

It even gets popular since you can actually have a blog without spending some money and instead earn from it. You already know that before you could actually have a blog, you need a web host first, right? Since without a web hosting provider, you won’t be able to get your site published online. There are many free web hosts around, but unfortunately, not all can provide a reliable service.

Doteasy is a company that has been up since 2000. They provide hosting and domain name registration services as well. They offer different hosting packages from basic hosting which is free, up to unlimited hosting which only costs $9.95 per month. With their free hosting plan, you get to use great web site builders such as blog, forum, photo gallery and many more web tools. They also include a free cPanel control panel which is a very great deal coming from a free hosting package. Aside from that, you can also earn from $5 up to $70 for every successful sign up with their affiliate program.

Click here to create a free account with Doteasy

They also have a special offer right now where you can register any domain name like .com, .net, .org for only $4.95 for your first year. To join this promo, just use the coupon code 9010FWH. Or click the link below.


And no, the links are not affiliate links.
Have a great day and be always Fabulous 🙂


Saturday, November 28th, 2009

Last night I watched “Knowing”, the movie with Nicolas Cage and Rose Byrne. If you haven’t seen it as yet, I recommend you do, if you love watching Sci-Fi thrillers that is. In the movie Nicolas Cage is playing a professor who deciphers a coded message with astoundingly correct predictions about every major world disaster. The DVD is absolutely worth having it, but if you don’t plan buying it, or renting it – you can watch Knowing also for free online.


I read with interest what Jeffrey Knows wrote about Knowing being about Scientology, and he might be correct with his Facts. On the other hand me, and friends that I have also believe that we humans were placed on Earth by aliens long. very long ago ago – and this without being Scientologists.

Here is one, in my opinion valuable review of the Knowing movie and this question especially: “In other words, are they saying “What the Bible calls ‘angels’ are really aliens,” or “What people call aliens are really angels”?” is what keeps playing in my head. And am waiting to hear your thoughts in regards if you’ve seen Knowing, and think to know the answer.

Be alway Fabulous and have a great weekend 🙂

Fast – Faster – Fastest

Monday, June 29th, 2009

No idea about you, but I love driving fast cars… And in fact, I am a speed maniac 😉 Obviously my Toyota Mr2 is not that fast as I would like it to be, but it suffices to make me feel awesome while I keep increasing the speed to about 240km/hr. I have only done it once here in The Netherlands, as the risk of loosing my drivers licence is not worth taking it. For such extreme speed we usually go to Germany, where it’s not prohibited. You only risk that if you get an accident, while driving with such a high speed, that the insurance wont pay you a dime. You see, in Germany the signs on the road let you know up to what speed they advise you to drive. And the insurance companies pay for accidents exactly up to that speed.

There is a TV program in the UK, called Top Gear. My partner and me usually watch it, and this video was an absolute thrill for me, and maybe for you too 😉 Watch while a Bugatti Veyron races against a McLaren F1 in Dubai… And I had to upload a different video as the previous one had been suspended. But this one is even more spectacular due to having the Bugatti racing against Murcialago LP 670-4 VS. SLR 722 too… SWEET!

Wonderful New book: The 18 Rules of Happiness – and Get Yours for Free

Thursday, April 23rd, 2009

If you have been busy with the pursuit of Happiness like both Taty and me are, than in the pages of this new book by Karl Moore, you’ll find 18 simple rules designed to shift your perspective, helping you to rediscover the happiness you may have forgotten. RT @karlmoore is giving away FREE copies of his book ‘The 18 Rules of Happiness.’ Download your copy HERE

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Take the Challenge and earn $1000 in 10 day

Friday, March 13th, 2009

Today I subscribed with this new program VineFire, which is fun by the way. You submit links from your sites, or from anything that you like, such as an YouTube video, or a program you like, or a product you saw. Everything that you regard as interesting can be submitted and when others view your link you get paid. Plus, when you view the listings of others you get paid too. And when you vote for these listings, you get paid as well. And it adds up pretty quickly too.

When you subscribe via my link – you’ll get a bonus of $100 right away, and if you happen to refer 10 people in 10 days you’ll get a bonus of $1000. If you subscribe without a referral – the bonus is not $100 but $75. It’s free, so if I were you – I’d sign up. After confirming your subscription you’ll receive your link and can start promoting VineFire and take the challenge. Let me know in the comments here if you signed up under me, and let’s make some easy and fun cash along the way. Take care and have a great weekend 🙂

Are you Against Genetically Modified Foods?

Thursday, March 5th, 2009

The Natural Solutions Foundation definitely is against all genetically modified crops, and I have been following them for 2 years via an ezine subscription. The video here contains some very important info, and I recommend you viewing it, and digesting the information from it.

By the way – I fully support Dr. Rima and their fight with corporations that are putting at jeopardy the health of the population worldwide. Spread the word about the Natural Solution Foundation please on as many blogs as possible. Thank you all.

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