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Monday, January 18th, 2010

snowy view

Last weekend I read an article by Blake Beattie about integrity and am going to share it here with you. The capture above was taken from my bedroom window about 10 days to 14 days ago, and I think the purity of the white snowy nature goes well with integrity… And of course – there is so much more to be said about integrity, however, I will leave my own rants in regards for another time.

Integrity and What it Means to You
by Blake Beattie

Do you know of someone whom you work with that you can always count on?
They are the kind of person that says they will do something and they
always follow through in a timely fashion. If you know someone like this,
then you will understand the value of working with someone like this.
You can trust them, and you know full well that they never make a promise
they can’t keep.

“You can’t have trust without being trustworthy” – Dr Stephen Covey.

Too many people are very good at ‘talking the talk’. But there are a few
who always, without fail, do what they say they will.

So now we come to you. Do you mean what you say and say what you mean
consistently? Can people really count on you to follow through on what
you say you will do?

High integrity is rare in today’s busy world, but it is certainly something
that people greatly appreciate and admire. So, here are a couple of things
you can do to make sure you demonstrate high integrity on a daily basis.

Never ever make a promise you can’t keep;
Always under-promise and over-deliver (and not the other way around. Your
team and customers will appreciate it);
Be honest – both with yourself and others around you;
Be on time. It shows you value someone else’s time.
Remember: “You can’t talk your way out of a problem you behaved yourself into.”

In today’s busy world, integrity is a shining light in a world of empty promises.
I hope you make a decision today to show integrity with everything you do.
People will love you for it!

Have a brilliant day!

Blake Beattie is The Performance Engineer. He is an expert at transforming
individual and organisational performance through world-class speaking,
training and coaching. He builds critical shifts in employee motivation
and work habits that lead to unparalleled, sustainable performance.

The entire world knows what happened in Haiti 6 days ago, the latest earthquake and the magnitude of the disaster there. What hurts most is that the majority of the population there hasn’t got any food, or water as, yet, and the hospitals are filled with dying people, and more of these dying daily due to no electricity, or enough medicines, or equipment. There are so many organizations here and everywhere that are getting donations, and obviously we gave ours, as I hope most of you gave yours too. And at this particular moment is not the money that counts, but that the help – food, and water, and medicines that was sent from all around the world is reaching those poor people in Haiti. The money is needed to rebuild everything there, and it will be tough times yet to come – that’s for sure. With the help of the United Nations, and all the countries that promised monetary help – there is hope…

Talk to you soon, and be Fabulous during this week 🙂

Its all in the Mind

Wednesday, November 4th, 2009

Its all in the Mind
© Tatiana Velitchkov, 2009

The human mind has been known to be the core of everything that goes around an individual and gives all self awareness. The successful outcomes of your ideas, talents and achievement of ones desires is all based on the mind simply because a man is all that he thinks, with his character being the total of his thoughts. Research has always shown that for one to succeed you have to be convinced on achieving your desires. It’s factual that success can liberate your mind and thoughts to create the state of life and work you yearn.

For instance you must prepare your mind for success by identifying your heart’s desires, having a vision that inspires and motivates you toward accomplishment. Following your initial positive reactions by paying attention and possessing the right attitude to remain vibrantly alive. Avoid putting self limitations and self delusions but treat your decisions as real entities. To test out your veracity of the thoughts your mind holds you have to love your work. Bear with your expertise in working with people and for your career transition development.

The potential ability of the human mind has been realized over the years in different aspects of life. Many researchers and doctors have impressively outlined experiences that everyone can influence what happens around by applying the mind power. Anxiety and other emotional problems have resulted from people’s ways of thinking and solutions based on the same. Very interesting synopsis have been drawn on one’s ability to program the mind and ways of raising consciousness levels with effect to humanity.

Super mind evolution system has been set as an update of all latest mind programming techniques and how intelligence exists outside the physical confines of all living organisms. The mind has been used to discover withheld solutions to common problems that hinder humans from achieving and developing their ultimate goals and objectives. You are to discover more happiness, more fulfillments, more love, more success and more health because it’s all in the mind.

The mind reflects your habitual thoughts so it’s a responsibility to influence both the mind and heart with positive emotions and energy as the dominating factors. Successful steps that have been outlined to be of great help when programming your subconscious mind too many are; believing in yourself, identifying what holds you back that you can overcome, having self reflections and meditations, having positive minded people and steps, and creating reality and vital reminders on what you hold in your mind. Achieving and maintaining mental purity is an essential aspect when driving towards gaining physical, spiritual and emotional well-being.

beauty and mind...

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