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Get a Virtual Hug Now :)

Monday, November 12th, 2012

Today I wanted to share a virtual {{{ HUG}}} with the readers of totally-useless.com
This very thoughtful gift was created by Dawn Clark. To read more about her go to http://www.DawnClark.net

People like Nick Vujicic are able to become an inspiration!

Saturday, October 27th, 2012

The following video is so very touching and also heartbreaking…
It does no matter how much sorrow life is presenting us with, but
people like Nick Vujicic are able to become an inspiration!
Thank you Nick and be blessed!

Angels Do Exist…

Monday, October 15th, 2012

The unpredictable, and unbelievable CAN happen as you can view in the following video.
In the video called “Touched by an Angel” you can see that angels do exist πŸ™‚
And I do believe in angels and Know that we all have our guardian angels watching over us!

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The Ten Commandments of Leadership…

Thursday, August 16th, 2012

Today I was forwarded the following article and decided to share it on totally-useless.com in the hope that it brightens your day and makes you reflect on life, and be grateful…

The Ten Commandments of Leadership
By Chris Widener

A poem hangs on the wall at Mother Teresa’s orphanage in India. For all who are called to lead, it is a great reminder of what we should do:

1. People are illogical, unreasonable and self-centered (including me). Love them anyway.
2. If you do good, people will accuse you of selfish, ulterior motives. Do good anyway.
3. If you are successful, you win false friends and true enemies. Succeed anyway.
4. The good you do today will be forgotten tomorrow. Do good anyway.
5. Honesty and frankness make you vulnerable. Be honest and frank anyway.
6. The biggest people with the biggest ideas can be shot down by the littlest people with the littlest ideas. Think big anyway.
7. People favor underdogs, but follow only top dogs. Fight for a few underdogs anyway.
8. What you spend years building may be destroyed overnight. Build anyway.
9. People really need help, but may attack you if you do help them. Help them anyway.
10. Give the world the best you have and you will get kicked in the teeth. Give the best you have anyway.

Chris Widener is a businessman, author, speaker and television host. A prolific writer and producer of CDs and DVDs, his most recent book is The Art of Influence.Widener is the host of the national interview show, Made For Success,and co-host of True Performance with Zig Ziglar. The Chris Widener newsletter is one of the most widely distributed on personal and professional development.

For You – Right Now…

Wednesday, August 8th, 2012

The following poem, “Right Now” – was sent to me by the Forward to a Better Day group and I wanted to share it on totally-useless.com so that your day might be brightened as well…

For You – Right Now

by juliejordanscott under CC BY  with WPSEOPix

Right Now

-somebody is very proud of you.
-somebody is thinking of you.
-somebody is caring about you.
-somebody misses you.
-somebody wants to talk to you.
-somebody wants to be with you.
-somebody hopes you aren’t in trouble.
-somebody is thankful for the support you have provided.
-somebody wants to hold your hand.
-somebody hopes everything turns out all right.
-somebody wants you to be happy.
-somebody wants you to find him/her.
-somebody is celebrating your successes.
-somebody wants to give you a gift.
-somebody thinks that you ARE a gift.
-somebody hopes you’re not too cold, or too hot.
-somebody wants to hug you.
-somebody loves you.
-somebody admires your strength.
-somebody is thinking of you and smiling.
-somebody wants to be your shoulder to cry on.
-somebody wants to go out with you and have a lot of fun.
-somebody thinks the world of you.
-somebody wants to protect you.
-somebody would do anything for you.
-somebody wants to be forgiven.
-somebody is grateful for your forgiveness.
-somebody wants to laugh with you.
-somebody remembers you and wishes that you were there.
-somebody is praising God for you.
-somebody needs to know that your love is unconditional.
-somebody values your advice.
-somebody wants to tell you how much they care.
-somebody wants to share their dreams with you.
-somebody wants to hold you in their arms.
-somebody wants YOU to hold them in your arms.
-somebody treasures your spirit.
-somebody wishes they could STOP time because of you.
-somebody praises God for your friendship and love.
-somebody can’t wait to see you.
-somebody loves you for who you are.
-somebody loves the way you make them feel.
-somebody wants to be with you.
-somebody wants you to know they are there for you.
-somebody’s glad that you’re his/her friend.
-somebody wants to be your friend.
-somebody stayed up all night thinking about you.
-somebody is alive because of you.
-somebody is wishing that you noticed him/her.
-somebody wants to get to know you better.
-somebody wants to be near you.
-somebody misses your advice/guidance.
-somebody has faith in you.
-somebody trusts you.
-somebody needs you to send them this letter.
-somebody needs your support.
-somebody needs you to have faith in them.
-somebody will cry when they read this.
-somebody needs you to let them be your friend.
-somebody hears a song that reminds them of you.

— Kathy Ross

When we least expect it…

Friday, June 22nd, 2012

β€œWhen we least expect it, life sets us a challenge to test our courage and willingness to change; at such a moment, there is no point in pretending that nothing has happened or in saying that we are not ready. The challenge will not wait. Life does not look back. A week is more than enough time for us to decide whether or not to accept our destiny.”

– Paulo Coelho

I haven’t been posting lately, and before I knew a month has past between my last post and this one. My cancer is progressing and I have metastases now also in the lymph nodes between my lungs and in my right lung. Do I accept my fate? Of course not! Do I intend to get better? Well, yes, of course I do! If there is a way to get better WITHOUT surgery, and radiation and chemo – I will find it! And screw destiny…

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