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Patrick Swayze is no more…

Wednesday, September 16th, 2009

Yesterday was really a bad day for all the fans of Patrick Swayze, and for his family and friends. The actor lost the battle against cancer and left many with broken hearts. My favorite of his was the “Ghost” movie, and I remember how touched I was, and how much I cried while watching this hit movie. And not once but I think three times in a week or so as I couldn’t get enough of it…

At times I wonder how many of these type of post will be here on totally-useless.com in the end, when I will stop posting one day… Not that I am planning to stop any time soon. It’s just that in the past few months I wrote about several stars that passed away, and it’s such a pity that science still hasn’t found the cure, or cures for all type of cancers.

This video is from Patrick Swayze while dancing with his wife Lisa Nieme to the song All The Man That I Need as a salute to multiple award winner Whitney Houston in 1994. And it’s such a beautiful expression of the Love between Patrick and Lisa, that it made me cry…
Nevertheless at least she has the memory of it, and maybe, just maybe, his Ghost movie might recount what his wife will be experiencing shortly…

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