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Can We Get to the Real Truth?

Wednesday, May 19th, 2010

By not knowing how to get deep down to the real Truth is such a mood killer. You know – THE TRUTH? The one and only, and with no excuses whatsoever? What angered me, was the fact that two people are viewing the truth differently from one another, and claim that the real truth is theirs. How can I, or we, or you, be absolutely sure to have the real and only truth, and not the other one instead?

The thing is – we cannot choose for the absolute truth. The absolute truth would always have two sides. And the only choice that we have is to utter the less undesirable one. Or we pay the price by separating us from the part of the truth that we cannot accept.

And if we cannot get to the real truth – than what is the point of searching for a way to get to it? And if the day exists, than there is also night? And if there is good, than there is also bad? Is truth necessarily good? Or you think that the truth is bad? It always depends for what means it will be used, and by whom, and this is so frustrating…

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