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Take the Challenge and earn $1000 in 10 day

Friday, March 13th, 2009

Today I subscribed with this new program VineFire, which is fun by the way. You submit links from your sites, or from anything that you like, such as an YouTube video, or a program you like, or a product you saw. Everything that you regard as interesting can be submitted and when others view your link you get paid. Plus, when you view the listings of others you get paid too. And when you vote for these listings, you get paid as well. And it adds up pretty quickly too.

When you subscribe via my link – you’ll get a bonus of $100 right away, and if you happen to refer 10 people in 10 days you’ll get a bonus of $1000. If you subscribe without a referral – the bonus is not $100 but $75. It’s free, so if I were you – I’d sign up. After confirming your subscription you’ll receive your link and can start promoting VineFire and take the challenge. Let me know in the comments here if you signed up under me, and let’s make some easy and fun cash along the way. Take care and have a great weekend 🙂

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