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Must be shared: Unconditional Love Hug for all of you…

Thursday, November 19th, 2009

Love is so much more than we can imagine. Love heals, and love makes us complete. Today I was sent a link to the message bellow and decided to share it with all of you, and hope that it will be paid forward by most of the readers of totally-useless too.

Unconditional Love Hug

Pause for a couple moments and focus on the Divine Source Energy that is within .  Then consider others.  They can include those  you don’t even know. They might be people you encounter in a public place or communicate with on line.  Your image may be a universal view of  all people.  Just pause  and reflect:

“The same Divine Energy that is within me is in all.  This Source Energy is always there responding to my calling upon it.   I Am That, I Am.  I Am One with all.”

Once you have that awareness simply focus on that image and  energetically think:

“I now send to me and you  an Unconditional Love Hug™ ”

The energetic sending of an Unconditional Love Hug  will do wonders for how you feel.  You will begin to notice you are smiling more and will notice others smiling more  as well.

When we are energetically  sending   an Unconditional Love Hug™ to others ,  we are actually sending  unconditional love for ourselves. We are hugging ourselves.  If you are thinking how can I possibly send an Unconditional Love Hug™  to someone who you are not in alignment with,   remember it is not their Source energy doing the things that you oppose. Our egos can take over and result in words and actions opposite of what we consider good.   Focus on sending unconditional love for the Divine Source Energy within all.  That feeling is an Unconditional Love Hug™.

So now I send you an Unconditional Love Hug™ .  You are welcome and encouraged  to affirm your Unconditional Love Hug ™  in the comment section.

Steve Pohlit
Manifest Mastermind

The Unconditional LOVE Hug...

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