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What are we Up To in 2010?

Wednesday, December 30th, 2009

It is again this time of the year when we all start pondering what we want to reach during the New Year – 2010. There are so many things that I’d love to reach, or to do, and achieve, however, when placing the dots on the “I” – the question -“What’s the point in making resolutions while non of it, or very little of it will be achieved” starts nagging at me?

Thinking about it – I would need at least 3 lifetimes all in one to be able to achieve at least 50% of it all.

There is one, and according to me – the most important thing that I should get straight in 2010, and this is my health. And whatever needed to be done should be done, such as stopping with smoking, and start with some kind of easy exercises, and with walking – preferably outside whenever weather permits it at least.

In the last week, I started using a few Holistic, or Energetic Medicines that will help to enhance my mind-body connection, and some natural healing solutions that will help with reversing my chronic health conditions, such as the asthma, and the daily headaches.

The Precious Prills and Crystal Pearls, and the Ausome Beads are a few of the products that I am using at the moment, and can recommend these highly to everyone wishing to start with
natural medicines. Simply visit this website and take a look and read the info available. And no, this are not affiliate links but a direct links to the Life Enthusiast website, and the products that I mentioned earlier.

On the following capture you might be able to see how I use one of the Crystal Pearls for energizing the water in the Crystal Head vodka bottle that I had as Christmas present from a friend. And I wrote about it on my Crystal Skull blog several days ago.

CHV with a Crystal Pearl

Now I am really curious what are you up to in 2010? And would you like to share it here on totally-useless.com?

For all my friends, and readers of the Totally Useless – be Healthy, and Happy, and Fabulous during the entire 2010, and beyond!

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