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Iceland’s Volcano, and some Doom scenarios…

Sunday, April 18th, 2010

It’s been all over the news that most of the Western European airports had no flights coming in, or going from because of the ashes that are in the clouds from the volcano eruption in Iceland. These volcanic ashes are causing the airplane motors to stop working and getting clogged. And no matter how beautiful the erupting volcano looks – the damage it is causing might be far worse than the economical damage of right now.

When I speak about economical damage, I am referring to people stranded on numerous airports and missing their flight to their homes, or going for business, or on holidays. For the travel agencies too. Than the numerous businesses that are sending their fright by air due to their freshness – think of flowers, or food, or medical supplies and such. Most of the insurance companies are not paying for natural disasters, and so are governments – as for these governments – these risks of any business that should be covered by the businesses themselves.

Than there are those who are fearing the eruption of the, much bigger volcano, which is located nearby the already erupting one. According to those, if the bigger volcano is going to erupt as well – we all can forget about the coming summer of 2010, as there will be no sun whatsoever. This of course will lead to the loss of crops, and no vegetables, or fruit in Europe, as well as the loss of many animals, and insects.

And the worst Doom scenario would be that this is the beginning of the end – towards 2012. Many more volcano eruptions will follow the Iceland volcano’s, and many diseases will spread around the world, next to the hunger spreading rapidly due to the lost crops and dead of farm animals.

The latest news is that the ashes are decreasing as you could see from the video bellow, no one is prepared to make claims as to how soon the volcano eruption will stop.

Maybe we should all join in a world wide meditation geared towards the volcanic eruption in Iceland. That the volcano may stop erupting, and that the bigger one will stay dormant. Let’s join forces, and hope my friends, and may the doom scenario makers be and stay wrong.

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