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Quantum… Everything!

Saturday, May 30th, 2009

It’s been for sometime now that I am exploring RV – Remote Viewing, and Quantum Jumping, plus Matrix Energetics. The primary thing is another perception, or shall I say understanding of the world that surrounds us. And another understanding of ourselves, and what we truly are too. Quantum Physics is the stepping stone to a new Foundation for the Future of our planet and us in it.


The principles that are able to unlock the powers (which are hidden within us all) are keeping me going with my quest and search for the magic button, and now and, than I’ll be mentioning this and that in the Totally Useless blog. Soon many of us will start observing and perceiving reality differently than, until now. And I guess that the year 2012 and all the predictions about the end of the world have to do with it. Somehow our world is Infinite and so are we. May we only wake up in time…

infinity again...

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