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Monday, November 1st, 2010

“Inflexibility with regards to our goals can lead to stubborn behavior. Meanwhile, logic can free us from our fixed ideas. However, fear of change can also lead to reactionary behavior as we resist the unexpected. Holding on to the status quo can be useful, but only to a point; knowing when to let go is crucial…”

The above quote was on a text file for a few years, and only now it feels like the right time to post it on totally useless.

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      For all the Mothers....Happy Valentine's day my friends!Misty...MistyFeels almost like ChristmasTimmie enjoying the snowTimmie in the snowOh, I want this bird!Glowing hearts...Happy ThanksGiving my friends11:11light and sparkleDo clairvoyants foresee?dreamy angelThe left alone book...4 of my catsA sweet, little angel watched by another...almost flying ladybugUgliness on beauty...Butterfly resting
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