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From Existence to Nonexistence

Tuesday, June 23rd, 2009

This article is part of my writings that are usually published on my philosophical blog – The Philosophers Chair

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From existence to nonexistence
by Tatiana Velitchkov © 2009

Existence means something that has continuance of life. Since the word comes from the Latin word ‘existere’ it can also mean to appear, to become or to be. Nonexistence means it used to exist but now doesn’t, or there was something but now there is nothing – or the negativity of being. Modern qualified philosophers feel to assert that unavoidable development to their explanation. They feel the non – existence assumption for existence is reasonable for certain claims.

Assumptions are applied according to the cases in which they come, there is no relation for a nonexistent world. Furthermore, there is no concrete proof when a person admits, proposes under this discussion. Others propose that existence is actually something the same as meaning real while others say it is just a distinctive verb. When we back date we can see how Aristotle complicated the theory of being as an individual thing like substances to have being.

David Hume presented an argument that the claim existence added to our inclusive concept of a thing, adds nothing. He gave an example of Moses. He says Moses existed but adds nothing to the concept. Under mathematics we take existence as three quantities. One is “some” meaning something exists. In a sentence we can say that Mary exists. On the contrary we can say “a square exists”. We consider the square to be in existence as Mary.

However, we when we come to Christianity some say that God exists and at the same time being non existence. Contrariwise, when we look at physics we can see that space and time expands to nothingness or absence. So how do we look at this concept of how God can be nonexistent or how the world that it is in existence comes to be nonexistent? Then if there were two worlds that live in distinctly separate existence exist when we know absolutely nothing is between them?

According to science, to distinguish existent and non – existent objects we use the concept of matter or energy. In this case existence is made up of real and fictional objects. Relating to Peagasus files we can say that John exists, we are declaring that John exists in this worldview where he is made of atoms and not a myth. When we say in mathematics square ABCD we mean the triangle exists but not saying it is made up of atoms.

ghost ship - in a spooky world

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