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Bloggers Can Write Whatever they Want as long as…

Monday, August 24th, 2009

Last Friday I came across a blog post that made me cringe… Was it because of it’s simillarities with my earlier post: Internet = Freedom? , or not?

And yes, it is very easy to write libelous things about people online, especially while being behind an anonymously set up blog. This does not make it correct however. And because of it – I think it was OK that Liskula Cohen won the lawsuit against Google, and learned the identity of the anonimous blogger.

Do you agree with the statement that bloggers can write whatever they want as long as they are transparent and declare who they are? My personal opinion in such a situation is that yes, if someone wishes to call someone else “names”, than the writer should let it be known who they are. If not, after the precedent created by Liskula Cohen, there is a big chance that the person that has been written about could win in such a lawsuit, and the anonymous writer will be in trouble – to say the least…

There is always the other side of the coin of course, but today is not the day to go deeper in the subject…

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