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Integrity in the Internet Marketing Arena…

Sunday, January 24th, 2010

Yesterday I visited Michel Fortin’s blog for another great read – “On Not Playing The Blame Game.” His post is linking to a post on the Ryan Healy’s blog – “Internet Marketing on Life Support,” and both posts have to do with integrity in business, among other things. I highly recommend you take the time to read both posts, and the comments on these posts too.

One of the pillars in business is integrity, and to offer more value to the customers than they are paying for. How much of the theory is there in present times one might ask? It all depends on what buyers are looking for. And especially so online. In the many niches of products online – the Internet Marketing arena is the one that gets the attention not only from the people in need of making more monthly due to the hard economic times. The FTC changed their rules and are cracking down on misleading advertisements since December 1st of 2009. While Visa and Master card did a crack down on many Internet Marketers merchant accounts.

The question is – why, now? And is it because of the high refund rates? Or is it because of the misleading advertisements? Or, because of the many complaints against the un-asked for monthly payments, and the difficulties to unsubscribe from these? My guess is – all of the above, and even more.

Astute marketers know that in tough economic times more people will be vulnerable while in search of the golden egg. If these same marketers make their offers sound easy to do for everyone – like 1, 2, 3 – more of these people in search of earning more right now will be buying what they have to offer. Some of these people are already broke, and are taking as a last step a loan to be able to buy this “golden egg.” 98 to 99% of these same people end up not only totally broke, but also alienating the family, or friends they took the loan from to be able to cover the high expense of the “golden egg” product.

Many of you have seen the products between 2 to 3 thousand US Dollars, and know what most of these promise in their sales offer. The problem with people is – they are in love with the dream to be able to make it to the top. They do not even finish the course, and the books that they purchase. However without the work – non of these “Make yourself a Online Millionaire” courses will make one such a Millionaire.

And, than the question arises, of the remaining 1 or 2% that did the work – how many did become wealthy Online due to these courses and seminars? Well, some did, but most of them did not. The Salty Droid goes much more in depth about the various Internet Marketers that are making use of astute techniques on his blog, and I do recommend you to check his blog in depth.

Is any integrity left in the Online business arena? Of course there is. There are plenty of honest and integer Internet Marketers. Be aware that there are also the not so honest once, and ask yourself up front one single question: “Am I going to take action, and do the work, or am I buying it just to have it on my hard drive, or on my book shelf and keep dreaming instead of doing the required work?” If your answer is the second one – do NOT buy whatsoever offered – even if it makes you dream of riches and fame…

Keep always fabulous and integer.

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