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How to Keep Your Domain Names Safe, and Privacy vs Transparency…

Monday, July 6th, 2009

Today on Blog Catalog the owner of GoSmellTheFlowers.com posted about the theft of his just mentioned domain name. And you could read his story and how this hostage of his domain name happened on his GoSmellTheCoffee.com site.

If you take the time to go and absorb the story and comments on GoSmellTheCoffee.com – you will probably learn a lot about what not to do in order to protect the ownership of your domains. And you also might ask yourself if it was necessary to go public with the private info of all concerned in this matter? The answer is an obvious “No” – for me at least, as one never knows how many scammers and folks with bad intentions are reading all of it.

And while the story was unfolding, a newly written article by Michel Fortin – Don’t Be Transparent, Be Authentic Instead – was published on his blog, that goes about transparency and how much of it is more than enough. A highly recommended post and definitely one to read.



Enjoy your summer and keep yourself, and your domain names, and private life safe…

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