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Earth Day turns 40 in 2010

Sunday, April 25th, 2010

And because of Earth Day turning 40 – many businesses have decided to offer consumers free stuff and some good deals. But think about it for a moment – if in order to come to a shop in town you’ll take your car to do that – you are most probably running on gas and not in a hybrid. Only folks driving in electric cars can feel that they are doing “Green” on Earth’s Day, so be smarter, and either order from home, or go out with your bike if you don’t plan to purchase large things.

Obviously – plenty of people are getting unconfortable about the “Going Green” talk everywhere. Be it on TV, or in the news papers, or in shops – people are confronted with all the Green stuff to buy and choose from, and it gets not only complicated, but some of the green choices are also expensive. Especially in a time that the world is in an economic crisis, and many have lost their jobs, and so, there is less money to spend.

My advice would be to spend less while recicling more. Spending less in your home energy bill – and here are 9 free ways of how to do that. Also, buying only vegetables and fruits produced in your own region. Cutting on some of the meat you and family are eating is also a good choice (since I am not a vegan – I am not saying to cut the meat completely.)
Use your car less and public transportation more. Walk and use the bike whenever you can – it is good for your health next to being cheap 🙂

Have a splendid Sunday and be always Fabulous

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