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Fast – Faster – Fastest

Monday, June 29th, 2009

No idea about you, but I love driving fast cars… And in fact, I am a speed maniac 😉 Obviously my Toyota Mr2 is not that fast as I would like it to be, but it suffices to make me feel awesome while I keep increasing the speed to about 240km/hr. I have only done it once here in The Netherlands, as the risk of loosing my drivers licence is not worth taking it. For such extreme speed we usually go to Germany, where it’s not prohibited. You only risk that if you get an accident, while driving with such a high speed, that the insurance wont pay you a dime. You see, in Germany the signs on the road let you know up to what speed they advise you to drive. And the insurance companies pay for accidents exactly up to that speed.

There is a TV program in the UK, called Top Gear. My partner and me usually watch it, and this video was an absolute thrill for me, and maybe for you too 😉 Watch while a Bugatti Veyron races against a McLaren F1 in Dubai… And I had to upload a different video as the previous one had been suspended. But this one is even more spectacular due to having the Bugatti racing against Murcialago LP 670-4 VS. SLR 722 too… SWEET!

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