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Number 11:11:11 again…

Wednesday, November 11th, 2009

Today is another 11:11:11 day, and since I was born under the number 11 it means a lot to me.
I shared the meaning of number 11 in this previous post so I am not going to talk about the meaning of the number 11.

If you haven’t done something special today for yourself, and with “special” I mean “spiritual,” to celebrate the number 11 in your life, than you will have another chance for it on the 29th of November 2009. I missed the opportunity to be nice for myself today and will make sure to not make the same “mistake” on the 29th this month. Work and all are great, but there should be always time for a break, or in other words – time to start smelling the roses…

And OK, it’s kind of winterish here, and the roses are almost gone, but you should take sometime to swim with the powerful energy that comes with number 11, and let all go while closing your eyes and letting yourself swim, or fly in the infinity of your being. This will re-invigorate you, and make you feel like re-born, and filled with strength and energy beyond the normal surge after having had a good night rest. It will make you happier and open to the chances life and karma has for you, especially today, or on the 29th of November 2009.

So go ahead, and let the energy do it’s work, while you open your heart and enjoy the energy and new insights you’ll be having afterwards.

Time for smelling the roses...

Be Always Fabulous and Happy 🙂

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