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Sweet Hero Dog Saves the Family that Adopted him…

Monday, November 14th, 2011

Sometime we come across a happening in which we are not sure anymore if pets, or animals could be called guardian angels. Check out the following video if you haven’t as yet. It is about the rescued dog that returns the favor and saves the lives of his new owners. This is definitely a “Happy Ending” story for all involved! Never say that good deeds go unpunished 🙂

See it here

Are You Desperate for an Easy Money Making System that Actually Makes cash?

Monday, November 7th, 2011


Most of us become needy of some cash amount sooner or later.  And when you need it – you need it quickly. While surfing today I read the following list on the Warriors Forum and decided to share it with you on totally-useless.com in the hope that it will be of help for the once in need of money. Enjoy!


Like Writing?

  • Get paid to write articles for AssociatedContent.com
  • Get paid for writing how-to articles on eHow.com
  • Get paid to post abstracts on Shvoong.com
  • Get paid to translate at OneHourTranslation.com
  • Get paid to transcribe audio files on oDesk.com
  • Get paid to guide others at About.com
  • Get paid to blog at Smorty.com
  • Get paid to tweet at Sponsoredtweets.com
  • Get paid for reviewing software at SoftwareJudge.com
  • Get paid for reviewing websites on UserTesting.com
  • Get paid for writing product reviews on Epinions.com
  • Sell short reports at PayDotCom.com
  • Sell your own paid newsletter using Tinyletter.com
  • Sell your articles on Constant-Content.com
  • Sell your own e-book on Tradebit.com
  • Sell your own hardcover book by self-publishing it at Lulu.com
  • Sell documents online at Gazhoo.com
  • Sell essays at MyEssays.com
  • Sell unique blog posts on Ghostbloggers.net
  • Sell your story to top magazines and newspapers at Webuystories.com
  • Sell your content on Scribd.com

Like Doing Gigs?

  • Get paid to do freelance work at Getafreelancer.com
  • Get paid for doing gigs posted on Craigslist.com
  • Get paid to do all sorts of stuff on Domystuff.com
  • Get paid for taking pictures with your iPhone at Gigwalk.com
  • Get paid to do gigs at Fiverr.com
  • Get paid to work from home at Clicknwork.com
  • Get paid for voice over work at Voices.com
  • Get paid to do data entry work on oDesk.com

Like Designing Stuff?

  • Get paid to design on 99Designs.com
  • Get paid to design T-Shirts at Threadless.com
  • Get paid to design products at Ponoko.com
  • Sell graphics on GraphicLeftovers.com
  • Sell flash files at FlashDen.com
  • Sell web design templates at ThemeForest.net
  • Sell your product designs on Zazzle.com
  • Sell your created font at FontOff.com
  • Sell WordPress Themes at WPThemeMarket.com
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  • Sell your logo designs on Inkd.com

Like Coding?

  • Sell a turn-key website on Flippa.com
  • Sell professional, flashy websites created using Wix.com
  • Sell WordPress plugins at WPPlugins.com
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  • Sell scripts on Buystockscript.com

Like Helping Others?

  • Get paid by renting your place to travelers at Airbnb.com
  • Get paid to share a tip on Daytipper.com
  • Get paid to share coupons and discount codes on Buxr.com
  • Get paid to teach your own online course at Wiziq.com
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  • Get paid to socialize on myLot.com
  • Get paid as a virtual assistant on 247virtualassistant.com
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Like Having Fun?

  • Get paid to play online games at Gamesville.com
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  • Get paid to host live Internet radio shows at BlogTalkRadio.com
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  • Sell virtual stuff from your store on SecondLife.com

Like Getting Your Creative Juices Flowing?

  • Sell your photos on BigStockPhoto.com
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  • Sell your videos to Fotolia.com
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  • Sell your art on Imagekind.com
  • Get paid for coming up with unique domain names on Pickydomains.com
  • Get paid for coming up with market-ready names on NamingForce.com

Like Promoting for Profit?

  • Get paid to promote $100% instant commission products on Digiresults.com
  • Get paid to promote webinars at Webinarswaps.com
  • Get paid to promote web hosting from HostGator.com
  • Get paid to promote $7 products on 7dollaroffers.com
  • Get paid to promote physical products on Amazon.com
  • Get paid to promote CPA offers at Affiliate.com
  • Get paid to promote information products at Clickbank.com
  • Sell leads to other businesses at Reply.com
  • Sell magazine Subscriptions at AcclaimSubscriptions.com

Like Selling Random Stuff?

  • Sell unused stuff on eBay.com
  • Sell unused stuff on Craigslist.com
  • Sell your old and new gadgets on BuyMyTronics.com
  • Sell products in your own online shop at Shoply.com

STILL want more ways to make money?

No problem – Here are 10 BONUS ideas just for you:

  • Do an odd job
  • Seek emergency assistance from charities
  • Collect your change
  • Return past purchases
  • Hold a yard sale
  • Recycle scrap metal
  • Pawn your stuff
  • Sell your hair and plasma
  • Sell random stuff to motorists
  • Go Scavenging

Source/Credits: 90 Awesome Ways to Help You Make Money Online – Even If You’re Dead Broke


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