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Beginning of The End?

Sunday, June 27th, 2010

A few days ago I received an email from Gerald O’Donnel, and decided to share his message with you on Totally-Useless.com In his email Gerald O’Donnel provided a link to his article, in which he is asking some very appropriate questions, and is giving his views, and how to’s about the “Beginning of the End”. Do read it, and let me know what are your views.

In this video you will learn more about Gerald O’Donnel.

Joran Retracts Muder Confession – Did van der Sloot walk into a FBI trap?

Tuesday, June 22nd, 2010

Today, in the Dutch, The Telegraph was an interview with Joran van der Sloot, in which he retracts his earlier confession of the murder of Stephany Flores. He has also refused to answer any of the questions of the judge Carlos Morales. According to him the Peruvian police has tricked him to believe that once he confesses he will be transferred to The Netherlands. On the question if he was tortured, Joran replied with a “no.” He states that there was a bowl of water next to him, and that he was told they will push his head in it until he confessed.

In the hotel that Joran had a room in which the murdered Stephany Flores was found are no video cameras. All the cameras have disappeared and are nowhere to be found today. Where did the videos came from? Had FBI placed the cameras planning to have Joran van der Sloot arrested and extradited to the US? Joran is feeling so sorry that he did not listen to his mother, and went instead to Peru. The guy – Elton Garcia, that invited Joran to Peru (believed now to be working for FBI), had also paid for his hotel, and arranged everything for him.

Joran does not want to say even a word about Natalee Holoway, or about Stephany Flores. And I will keep you posted when there is more news about his case.

Joran van der Sloot’s mother is not going to visit him…

Sunday, June 20th, 2010

Yesterday in an interview published exclusively by the Dutch newspaper, The Telegraph, Joran’s mother – Anita van der Sloot, is saying that she will not visit him. And that she is unable to cry for him. Her other two younger sons had insisted for her to break all contact with Joran. She told The Telegraph that Joran has been psychically disturbed since his father’s dead earlier this year, and that he is feeling very guilty about his dead. Joran had initially agreed to be committed in a psychiatric clinic in The Netherlands, however, he took off from her home in Aruba two days before be flying back to The Netherlands, and has fled to Peru. He left a small note for her, with on it, “I am gone, but do not worry.”

Anita van der Sloot is saying that she did believe in him even though he kept lying about almost everything. Joran has said to her once that he doesn’t know if something is a lie or the truth. She is saying that she felt Joran had nothing to do with the disappearance of Natalee Holloway in 2005. She keeps believing that Joran has left Natalee on the beach. However she is saying that according to her Joran could have killed Stephany Flores in Lima.

According to Anita van der Sloot, she and her husband made a huge mistake when they sent Joran back to The Netherlands to continue his studies, instead of having him committed in a closed psychiatric clinic. Due to the investigations of Peter R. de Vries Joran was followed everywhere, and his parents and the school Joran was on decided to transfer him in a school in Thailand. Peter R. de Vries did follow him there too with another investigation, and the parents and teachers of the school in Thailand protested and wanted him gone. Joran had only 9 months left to get his diploma, however, he had to leave the school. Since than he has been playing poker around the world, and he got addicted to it. His need for cash made him lie to journalists, such as Greta van Susteren from Fox News, telling her that he sold Natalee as a sex slave.

When his dad died in February in The Netherlands, Joran arrived from somewhere, and his two younger brothers from the US, where they are studying, while his mother arrived from Aruba for the funeral. He was very upset, and cried continuously for two days. He kept saying that it is due to him that his father had a deadly heart attack. After the funeral he went living with his mother on Aruba. He didn’t speak for several months, and started to get better in May. His mother kept insisting that he should get help in a clinic, and he finally agreed, but fled to Peru two days before be living for the clinic in The Netherlands.

He called his mother two days before the dead of Stephany Flores, and she is saying that he sounded very paranoid and strange. The day before he got arrested she spoke with him again and told him that police is searching for him everywhere, and that he should go to the police himself. That they are looking for him because of the dead of girl in Lima.

Anita van der Sloot is saying that it is time for her to let him go. “He should have listened to me. This was never happened if he had. And if he has killed Stephany than he is to pay for it. I am not going to visit him in his cell. And I will not be able to embrace him there. However he should get a fair trial. He is mentally derailed, which should count too. I am unable to cry for Joran like I cried for Paul, or like I want to. I would like to start a fund for prisoners in Peru, not only for Joran. Now everyone will hear how they are imprisoned. There should be improved, there must be an extradition treaty. Whoever commits a crime should pay. He remains my son, how bad what he did. This is the only thing that I can do. I wanted to raise good sons. Two are doing very well, and one got into trouble. My wish is that he nevertheless be treated humanely and that he gets psychiatric help.”

There is a lot of talk about the horrible circumstances inmates are living in the Castro Castro jail in Lima – Peru, and that the chance for survival for Joran once he is placed together with the rest of the jail population will be minimal. At the moment he is in protective custody, and in the following video, you could see his cell.

How Important is our Mindset in order to Succeed?

Thursday, June 17th, 2010

The following post called “The Mindset Rant” made me ponder, and comment there too. If you have the the time – do read it, and check the comments also…
In my comment there I was talking about the self-sabotage work, and not succeeding in my business endeavors. So, I was wondering how many of you are in the same boat? And do you have the answers needed in the quest to succeed without getting another burnout? And please, do not come up with “outsourcing” as this is not an option for everyone.

Very funny and sweet cat…

Tuesday, June 15th, 2010

Check out the following video, as I couldn’t stop laughing. It looks so funny what this cat is doing 🙂

Joran van der Sloot Confessed the murder of Stephany Florez

Tuesday, June 8th, 2010

All over the news today is that Joran van der Sloot confessed yesterday the murder of Stephany Ramirez, stating that she invaded his personal life by looking up info on his notebook, and especially the info regarding Natalee Holloway on it. He was enraged and hit her repeatedly. She was found two days later with a broken neck in van der Sloot’s hotel room.

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