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Bloody Israeli Raid – so Totally Useless

Monday, May 31st, 2010

After watching the Turkish movie on the TV news, taken in real time on the flotilla attacked by the Israeli’s – I felt so sorry and outraged for all these people trying to bring aid and goods in Gaza and died for it. Such an unnecessary violence against what? While 80% of the populace in Gaza rely on international help for everything, and are uneployed? Than I read the Yahoo News article in regards, and saw how many comments were left. One of these comments I found very appropriate and well said:

“If everyone cared, no body cried. If everyone loved and nobody lied. If everyone shared and swallowed their pride, we see the day nobody died” If only the whole world worked like that…

Controversial – Are Affiliates Liable for what they Endorse?

Friday, May 28th, 2010

screwed in life

Today I saw in my inbox and email from Eric’s Tips blog, asking for my opinion too, as the post has already 700+ comments! And the topic is highly controversial because it could create a precedent in the Internet affiliate arena, and one that most Internet marketers will not be happy with – if Eric decides to reimburse the money while being not legally liable. Do go to the above mentioned post and read it. This way you’ll know exactly what I am writing about.

In his post Eric describes the situation and asks for the opinion of his readers. More than 90 percent of the 700+ comments are saying that he has no legal liability in this matter – thus, to not put the “guilty shoes on” and refund the guy. That it was this guy’s own mistake to pay the entire amount up front, and without having done any enquiry as to the reliability of the copywriter. After all, Eric was not earning from his recommendation of this copywriter’s service, and he did use his service, and was happy with the results. His – Eric’s endorsement, was a “recommendation made in good faith,” and nothing more than that. It’s everyone’s own responsibility to do their own research before paying for a service – caveat emptor.

Of course, they are correct with their answers regarding legal liability, but Eric’s post is asking not only about the legal liability, but also about the moral, and ethic. And due to it – his credibility, and his reputation. And Eric did take off his blog the recommendation for the copy-writing services of Nicholas Cole. However should he reimburse his reader because the reader took his recommendation and bought the service of Nicolas Cole, that were not good enough for the customers money? The customer feels cheated, and ripped off, and the amount is for $1344. A much larger amount that the one paid by Eric, which was $197.

Most people that are doing business online, be it in the IM arena, or selling other products, and services have been in “the school of hard knocks,” and have been scammed online themselves. And so is yours truly. And due to this, most of us do know how to take and pay for services online. Often copywriters ask for 50% up front, and the other half to be paid after the copy has been finished to the satisfaction of the client. Meaning – I would never pay 100% up front, unless the person is in need of the cash right away, and I have had dealings before with him/her, and know for 99.9% that I will get what I am paying for. Nevertheless I will never do it only because the person has been recommended to me, and no matter by whom.

In Eric’s case I will struggle with the same as he does – credibility, and reputation. And if I am facing the same, than I guess I will offer to complete the copy-writing service where the guy paid for while using my recommendation. Or, I will issue him a refund, if Nicolas Cole does not provide one – which will be the only right thing to do. And of course I will feel terrible to pay such an amount of money, while I have not earned anything out of this deal. However my reputation is worth much, and much more than $1344. Than, I will definitely be very careful whom, and what I am recommending on my sites and blogs, and place the correct legal text on my TOS page to prevent scammers making me liable for similar cases, and trying to get money for free from me.

I would really like to know your stand here, and why. Have a great weekend!

Inspirational – The Orangutan and the Hound Love Story

Friday, May 21st, 2010

Today I was sent a video that made me feel wonderful, and so I am sharing it with you here on Totally-Useless.com – even though it’s not that useless at all 😉 We humans could learn a thing or two from other mamals, and hopefully one day we will be able to share and love much more that we currently do…

The video goes about Surya, the urangutan, and a hound dog that fell in love and have been inseparable from the day they met. It’s only a 4 minute video, so make sure you watch it, and please – do share it 😉

Can We Get to the Real Truth?

Wednesday, May 19th, 2010

By not knowing how to get deep down to the real Truth is such a mood killer. You know – THE TRUTH? The one and only, and with no excuses whatsoever? What angered me, was the fact that two people are viewing the truth differently from one another, and claim that the real truth is theirs. How can I, or we, or you, be absolutely sure to have the real and only truth, and not the other one instead?

The thing is – we cannot choose for the absolute truth. The absolute truth would always have two sides. And the only choice that we have is to utter the less undesirable one. Or we pay the price by separating us from the part of the truth that we cannot accept.

And if we cannot get to the real truth – than what is the point of searching for a way to get to it? And if the day exists, than there is also night? And if there is good, than there is also bad? Is truth necessarily good? Or you think that the truth is bad? It always depends for what means it will be used, and by whom, and this is so frustrating…

Wondering How to Lift a Bad Mood?

Sunday, May 16th, 2010

Most of us have those days that our mood needs an uplift, however, we either feel tired, or simply don’t know how to crush the bad mood, and start feeling great. Due to the weather here being colder than it usually is during mid May, and the plenty of rain in the last few weeks – my mood was way down.

Here is what I do to lift my mood when feeling down and blue.

1. Aromatherapy – I am using different plant oil extracts such as orange, and apple cinnamon, or mango and papaya, and peach, and Opus 5. I am using these oils in the water air purifier, and feel so well with the above mentioned scents. Give it a try 🙂

2. Flowers – This is Springtime, and there are so many beautiful and colorful flowers around. I so much love taking my camera and shooting the flowers in my own front yard, or shooting the flowers of neighbors. And even after rain these colorful beauties look absolutely gorgeous and sparkled with tiny diamond droplets.

3. Breathing – I practice deep and slow breathing with my daily meditation. You don’t have to meditate to restore your breathing habits. Just take 5 to 15 minutes every day, and while relaxing give your body the cleansing power of deep and slow breathing that will restore much more than your mood alone.

4. Human touch – Give a hug to a friend, or your partner, or your kid, and you’ll feel happy and with elevated mood right away – try it, and you’ll see 😉

5. Laughing – When we laugh, we are releasing endorphins, and these compounds are known to give us a sense of well-being – our naturally produced drug 😉 You could read some jokes, or watch a comedy movie, or watch a YouTube video such as this one if you don’t know how to start laughing right away:

There must be more ways to push up your mood, but these are the once working so well for me that I wanted to share here on Totally Useless with you.

Be always fabulous and have a splendid week ahead 😉

Totally Useless Skills: The Cup Beat sounds cool ;)

Wednesday, May 12th, 2010

The sound of the cup beat sounds rather cool, so – it isn’t totally useless after all 😉
Imagine being part of a band and everyone is using only kitchen supplies to create some cool music?

Cool 😉

Duration : 0:0:19


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