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What are we Up To in 2010?

Wednesday, December 30th, 2009

It is again this time of the year when we all start pondering what we want to reach during the New Year – 2010. There are so many things that I’d love to reach, or to do, and achieve, however, when placing the dots on the “I” – the question -“What’s the point in making resolutions while non of it, or very little of it will be achieved” starts nagging at me?

Thinking about it – I would need at least 3 lifetimes all in one to be able to achieve at least 50% of it all.

There is one, and according to me – the most important thing that I should get straight in 2010, and this is my health. And whatever needed to be done should be done, such as stopping with smoking, and start with some kind of easy exercises, and with walking – preferably outside whenever weather permits it at least.

In the last week, I started using a few Holistic, or Energetic Medicines that will help to enhance my mind-body connection, and some natural healing solutions that will help with reversing my chronic health conditions, such as the asthma, and the daily headaches.

The Precious Prills and Crystal Pearls, and the Ausome Beads are a few of the products that I am using at the moment, and can recommend these highly to everyone wishing to start with
natural medicines. Simply visit this website and take a look and read the info available. And no, this are not affiliate links but a direct links to the Life Enthusiast website, and the products that I mentioned earlier.

On the following capture you might be able to see how I use one of the Crystal Pearls for energizing the water in the Crystal Head vodka bottle that I had as Christmas present from a friend. And I wrote about it on my Crystal Skull blog several days ago.

CHV with a Crystal Pearl

Now I am really curious what are you up to in 2010? And would you like to share it here on totally-useless.com?

For all my friends, and readers of the Totally Useless – be Healthy, and Happy, and Fabulous during the entire 2010, and beyond!

Merry Christmas, and Blessings, and Happy Holidays!

Wednesday, December 23rd, 2009

Christmas of 2009 is almost here and I wish to share a great article written by Bernardette Dimitrov to start this post with as I do share these points of view very much.

Christmas Happiness and Psychological Health Through Giving
by Bernadette Dimitrov

Christmas is a time for giving and giving is the act of generosity. It nourishes love in our relationships and builds the human spirit. Research shows that people who give without expectation and who do not feel diminished by the act of giving are the most psychologically healthy in our society today. Here are seven benefits of giving:

1. Builds Relationships – giving reinforces appreciations and acknowledgement of each other and thus is an important ingredient for building relationships.

2. Deepens Relationships – by sharing past and future thoughts we give of our selves in an intimate way. It can be a wonderful ritual such as at Christmas to come together and openly give and share feelings, experiences and wishes for the coming year. This deepens relationships as we share and express more of who we are.

3. Expresses Feelings – giving is a way to express and show feelings especially if you are not comfortable expressing feelings through words. Giving is an opportunity to express a whole range of feelings such as gratitude, appreciations and thanks.

4. Creates Memories – through giving we have many ways to create and leave lasting memories. Our willingness to care, show interest, give time, loyalty, honesty and by going out of our way to do something extra for someone else such as preparing a special meal, writing a special verse on why we love and cherish someone or making a special gift as a symbol of our love, are some of the ways we can give and create lasting memories.

5. Creates Predictability – we all love predictability; especially children as it gives them a sense of security. Through the predictable act of giving especially at birthdays and Christmas celebrations, the expectation of appreciations, acknowledgement, love and being made to feel extra special is created by the ritual of giving.

6. De-stressor – giving is all about looking outside of ourselves with no expectation of anything in return. It is putting others first for concentrated moments in time. The ritual of giving takes the focus off ourselves and our stresses in life are handled with a more balanced focus.

7. Creates Miracles – connecting into the community by giving has huge benefits. It reinforces love in all our lives. It creates leverage which creates miracles when together we give for the greater good.

Giving is an expression of our love. We give in many ways with our supportive words, our listening, attention and giving of our time and of course through material giving too. Giving materially, emotionally and physically is the glue that holds people together and is a way to renew our love for one another, create lasting cherished memories, deepen relationships and create psychological health and happiness for ourselves!

Source: www.santaspostbag.co.uk

Merry Christmas my friends!

“May Peace be your gift at Christmas and your blessing all year through!”
Author Unknown

Over the following days and weeks I hope you all feel the joy and blessings of the season, and will take that spirit through with you into a better, bigger, more awesome, and very successful and fabulous 2010!

Truly Disappointing Results from the PayPal Offer I shared with you…

Friday, December 18th, 2009

Truly Disappointing Results from the PayPal Offer I shared with you all…

Since one of my New Years resolutions IS to Not look back and ponder disappointing results ever again – I decided to spit all the disappointments out before the Holiday times will start, so that I wouldn’t poison my state of mind and inner peace any further.

Several days ago I shared the $100 PayPal offer here on Totally Useless, and I have no idea what I really expected from it, but definitely not the results shown here bellow.


If you knew that on the day I posted it, more than 240 people read the post, and yesterday about the same amount – could you imagine my disappointment? On the moment that you make a PayPal wish list – you start with $1 given to any one by PayPal themselves, so all in all only 2 people took my word and opened such a PayPal wish list. You are reading it correctly, just 2 out of the 500+ who read the post! And this I think is so absolutely amazing, and so much speaks about people not trusting one another online, or how much they trust me, that I can only grin, and, than shake my head, than come to the conclusion, that it doesn’t matter how much you’d like the best for everyone, if almost no one will take any action… Or I must start believing that everyone reading this blog has so much cash, that $100 more or less wouldn’t actually matter at all.

So dear readers – do as you please, and know that the offer ends on the 31st of December, leaving you with only 14 days to take advantage of it, and share it with your own friends, and whomever else you wish.

Take care and be always fabulous – no matter what 😉

Get $100 from PayPal – a very Cool and Fun PP offer!

Wednesday, December 16th, 2009

A friend sent me this cool way to get $100 from PayPal – for joining it’s single application
on Facebook – as long as you share it with friends, so, I wanted to share it with my friends on Totally-Useless.com.

There is No credit card required, and it is an OFFICIAL PAYPAL OFFER, and not some scam.
step1: join app, step 2: make your wishlist, step 3: share it and get paid. NO country restrictions!
Use the link and Happy Holidays my friends!

Happy Holidays

This promotion started on November 16th, 2009 and ends at 23:59:59 SST on December 31st, 2009.

A Minute for Madeleine – She cannot be Forgotten…

Saturday, December 5th, 2009

Totally-Useless.com has covered the news about the disappearance of Madeleine McCann several times since 2007. She is not forgotten and there are still people looking for her and trying to bring her back to her family. Take a minute please to see how she might be looking at an age of 6 and if you know anything about her whereabouts – than please – do the right thing make a phone call… We still hope and pray she will be found and back with her family soon.

Another World AIDS day

Tuesday, December 1st, 2009

Today – December 1 2009 is another World AIDS day, and just because the finance crisis has struck the world – less AIDS drugs have been donated to Africa’s most needing countries. And because more and more people are going to die there, and more children will have to take care for themselves, or die. These children have no family left to take care of them, and since so many are dying, fewer people in the villages can take care of the growing numbers of orphans.

Last night I watched a TV documentary about 3 children that were living alone and the oldest one of age 15 was taking care for her two sisters, one of age 10 and one of age 8. She is not able to feed them sometimes, and to protect them always. African men believe that if they rape a child the AIDS will be cured, and she was raped! Only after it had happened, the Social services placed bars on their windows, so that they can sleep safely at night in their home. However, now she, the 15 years old sister, and the smallest one have the HIV too. Stories like this one are happening all over there, and it breaks my heart.

However, don’t you think that it is the responsibility of the AIDS creators to heal the world of it? Of course it is! Nevertheless what is the right thing to do is not what happens right now. Shame on you politicians, and even more shame on you – drug companies like Merck that actually made the AIDS virus. See both videos in the side bar about the HIV – AIDS, and about it’s creator and more.

The symptoms of a HIV infection are difficult to detect because these are the same symptoms as one is having with a flue. Once these symptoms are gone, the patients will be unaware of having whatsoever for maybe up to 10 or 15 years. And, than suddenly a person will wake up and have AIDS. Forgive me if I sound dramatic about it, but this is what happens with most infected people that were not aware of having contacted the HIV virus. I read in a newspaper today the people infected with HIV are getting old much sooner than healthy people, as the virus affected their bone density too, among many other things.

Be Fabulous always and take care of you and your loved once.

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