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Saturday, November 28th, 2009

Last night I watched “Knowing”, the movie with Nicolas Cage and Rose Byrne. If you haven’t seen it as yet, I recommend you do, if you love watching Sci-Fi thrillers that is. In the movie Nicolas Cage is playing a professor who deciphers a coded message with astoundingly correct predictions about every major world disaster. The DVD is absolutely worth having it, but if you don’t plan buying it, or renting it – you can watch Knowing also for free online.


I read with interest what Jeffrey Knows wrote about Knowing being about Scientology, and he might be correct with his Facts. On the other hand me, and friends that I have also believe that we humans were placed on Earth by aliens long. very long ago ago – and this without being Scientologists.

Here is one, in my opinion valuable review of the Knowing movie and this question especially: “In other words, are they saying “What the Bible calls ‘angels’ are really aliens,” or “What people call aliens are really angels”?” is what keeps playing in my head. And am waiting to hear your thoughts in regards if you’ve seen Knowing, and think to know the answer.

Be alway Fabulous and have a great weekend 🙂

Thanks Giving and Happiness…

Thursday, November 26th, 2009

Happy Thanks Giving to all readers of totally-useless.com living in the US and celebrating Thanks Giving today. But it could be easily a day of Gratefulness everywhere in the world just like that, so – Happy Thanks Giving to all – no matter where you live 🙂

Today I just wanted to say “thank you” to everyone that has ever shown support for me through the years by reading and visiting my blog, or my photo account on Flickr, or any other site or blog of ours. Most of you know that I enjoy writing and sharing my ideas and photography with everyone… but it wouldn’t be the same if there was non of you to share it with.

Thanks Giving and Happiness...

So I told my loved once that I was thankful for the people who have an interest in what I do, and I thought I’d just take the time to let you know that now. So, thank you all for being here! And no matter where you are in the world – do enjoy time with your family and friends, and be sure to give thanks for whatever you are thankful for, because Happiness is not about having everything you want, it’s about being happy with everything you’ve already have…

Be Splendid and Awesome Always 🙂

Must be shared: Unconditional Love Hug for all of you…

Thursday, November 19th, 2009

Love is so much more than we can imagine. Love heals, and love makes us complete. Today I was sent a link to the message bellow and decided to share it with all of you, and hope that it will be paid forward by most of the readers of totally-useless too.

Unconditional Love Hug

Pause for a couple moments and focus on the Divine Source Energy that is within .  Then consider others.  They can include those  you don’t even know. They might be people you encounter in a public place or communicate with on line.  Your image may be a universal view of  all people.  Just pause  and reflect:

“The same Divine Energy that is within me is in all.  This Source Energy is always there responding to my calling upon it.   I Am That, I Am.  I Am One with all.”

Once you have that awareness simply focus on that image and  energetically think:

“I now send to me and you  an Unconditional Love Hug™ ”

The energetic sending of an Unconditional Love Hug  will do wonders for how you feel.  You will begin to notice you are smiling more and will notice others smiling more  as well.

When we are energetically  sending   an Unconditional Love Hug™ to others ,  we are actually sending  unconditional love for ourselves. We are hugging ourselves.  If you are thinking how can I possibly send an Unconditional Love Hug™  to someone who you are not in alignment with,   remember it is not their Source energy doing the things that you oppose. Our egos can take over and result in words and actions opposite of what we consider good.   Focus on sending unconditional love for the Divine Source Energy within all.  That feeling is an Unconditional Love Hug™.

So now I send you an Unconditional Love Hug™ .  You are welcome and encouraged  to affirm your Unconditional Love Hug ™  in the comment section.

Steve Pohlit
Manifest Mastermind

The Unconditional LOVE Hug...

Totally useless

Sunday, November 15th, 2009

There are days that are totally useless, and whatever you are trying to do isn’t working out. Today is such a day for me, and I wasn’t even planning on posting here but than it struck me that it will be a total loss if I didn’t post about it on my Totally Useless blog 😉

I am still having troubles with my computer, and with how Word Press is behaving with IE8. And the last WP update didn’t help even a bit. Nor did the updates of Vista Ultimate. And I am still to install the Windows 7, but the trouble is that than my Windows Mail will be gone, and I cannot get used with the Windows Live Mail. So, can anyone tell me how the email problem with Windows 7 was solved?

And instead of a capture or two of my own – today I will post some nice images that I was sent by friends on the Tagged community.

a very fine Tuesday

The above one was sent to me by Riet. Isn’t it an awesome looking girl? And Riet wished me a very fine Tuesday with it… And yes, here it’s still Sunday right now, but since it is such an useless day I wish it was Tuesday already 😉

And this one was sent by my friend Marjolein, and I so much love it – great art and so well done.


Wishing you all, a splendid week ahead without useless days in it… Be splendid and fabulous always!

Number 11:11:11 again…

Wednesday, November 11th, 2009

Today is another 11:11:11 day, and since I was born under the number 11 it means a lot to me.
I shared the meaning of number 11 in this previous post so I am not going to talk about the meaning of the number 11.

If you haven’t done something special today for yourself, and with “special” I mean “spiritual,” to celebrate the number 11 in your life, than you will have another chance for it on the 29th of November 2009. I missed the opportunity to be nice for myself today and will make sure to not make the same “mistake” on the 29th this month. Work and all are great, but there should be always time for a break, or in other words – time to start smelling the roses…

And OK, it’s kind of winterish here, and the roses are almost gone, but you should take sometime to swim with the powerful energy that comes with number 11, and let all go while closing your eyes and letting yourself swim, or fly in the infinity of your being. This will re-invigorate you, and make you feel like re-born, and filled with strength and energy beyond the normal surge after having had a good night rest. It will make you happier and open to the chances life and karma has for you, especially today, or on the 29th of November 2009.

So go ahead, and let the energy do it’s work, while you open your heart and enjoy the energy and new insights you’ll be having afterwards.

Time for smelling the roses...

Be Always Fabulous and Happy 🙂

Its all in the Mind

Wednesday, November 4th, 2009

Its all in the Mind
© Tatiana Velitchkov, 2009

The human mind has been known to be the core of everything that goes around an individual and gives all self awareness. The successful outcomes of your ideas, talents and achievement of ones desires is all based on the mind simply because a man is all that he thinks, with his character being the total of his thoughts. Research has always shown that for one to succeed you have to be convinced on achieving your desires. It’s factual that success can liberate your mind and thoughts to create the state of life and work you yearn.

For instance you must prepare your mind for success by identifying your heart’s desires, having a vision that inspires and motivates you toward accomplishment. Following your initial positive reactions by paying attention and possessing the right attitude to remain vibrantly alive. Avoid putting self limitations and self delusions but treat your decisions as real entities. To test out your veracity of the thoughts your mind holds you have to love your work. Bear with your expertise in working with people and for your career transition development.

The potential ability of the human mind has been realized over the years in different aspects of life. Many researchers and doctors have impressively outlined experiences that everyone can influence what happens around by applying the mind power. Anxiety and other emotional problems have resulted from people’s ways of thinking and solutions based on the same. Very interesting synopsis have been drawn on one’s ability to program the mind and ways of raising consciousness levels with effect to humanity.

Super mind evolution system has been set as an update of all latest mind programming techniques and how intelligence exists outside the physical confines of all living organisms. The mind has been used to discover withheld solutions to common problems that hinder humans from achieving and developing their ultimate goals and objectives. You are to discover more happiness, more fulfillments, more love, more success and more health because it’s all in the mind.

The mind reflects your habitual thoughts so it’s a responsibility to influence both the mind and heart with positive emotions and energy as the dominating factors. Successful steps that have been outlined to be of great help when programming your subconscious mind too many are; believing in yourself, identifying what holds you back that you can overcome, having self reflections and meditations, having positive minded people and steps, and creating reality and vital reminders on what you hold in your mind. Achieving and maintaining mental purity is an essential aspect when driving towards gaining physical, spiritual and emotional well-being.

beauty and mind...

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