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When “It Hits the Fan” and “Catch 22″…

Friday, October 30th, 2009

Sometimes phrases and cliches slip into our speech and we take these for granted
without questioning where these came from, or, why we are using things that we
heard from others, or from movies and TV shows.

There is nothing wrong with it but we should consider that advertising agencies
and copy writers thrive from these as well.

We become brainwashed more often than not just because some phrases that
we use ourselves are unconsciously burned into our brains, and we therefore
fall into the trap of buying a product or a service that used in their advertising
the exact phrase we used, or keep using.

For the title I set a part of the well known “When the shit hits the fan,” and it’s
meaning is: “Messy and exciting consequences brought about by a previously
secret situation becoming public.” And you could check out the rest on phrases.org.uk.

Have you ever asked yourself, how come we humans watch TV programs or
movies when these type of phrases are used in their titles, or descriptions?
And does it has to do with some part of our ability to forget for a moment our
own troubles when we can watch and laugh at the same type of troubles that
others are having? And is this the same part of our consciousness that makes
us laugh when someone near us drops on the floor, or falls from his bike? And
all the people nearby keep watching and laughing even though the person is
embarrassed and in pain?

The other one, “the catch 22’s” meaning is: “A paradox in which the attempt
to escape makes escape impossible.” Check again phrases.org.uk for it’s origin etc. Paradoxes have always fascinated me in the same way these controversies do. And this
according to me is part of being a human with a bit of intelligence up it’s
shoulders. However, than – the question arises: How can an intelligent
person act so stupidly and laugh when another is in pain, or embarrassed?

Here is a very nice video about the Catch 22 in letting go…

On another note – you’ve probably noticed the new look of totally-useless.com,
and it’s half-finished appearance – meaning: blank advertisements and such.
There are some health issues going, and, than – Vista is becoming a major
annoyance and I have all kind of problems with my WP interface and IE8
experience. However, somewhere next week I’ll have the Windows 7 and
so hope that I’ll be able to work better and surf well when online from there on.

For the US readers of totally-useless – wishing you a Happy and Scary Halloween
for tomorrow, and blessed All Saints to the once that celebrate it in the rest of the world.
Keep yourselves healthy, and awesome and be always fabulous, whatever you do 🙂

“The Seat of the Human Soul” according to Descartes

Friday, October 23rd, 2009

The pineal gland has been identified by many philosophers and mystics as the ‘third eye’. Descartes even declared that it was the seat of the human soul. It is specially located in the centre of the human brain. It is positioned in between the right and left hemispheres of the brain. Special powers have been attributed to the pineal grand which is sometimes associated with the sixth chakra. Chakra is the term used in yoga to mean third eye. Some other people cling onto the belief that the pineal gland, which is dormant most of the time, can easily be awakened to facilitate telepathic experiences.

According to the following video the human soul is in the 8th chakra, which is the heart chakra. My own beliefs are closer to the 8th chakra, and would really like to know your opinion in regards.

On the other hand – according to scientists, the pineal gland is an endocrine gland that is exactly the size of a pea and which produces a hormone known as melatonin. This hormone is responsible for the regulation of the body sleep and clock cycle. It is stimulated by pitch darkness while light inhibits it. The levels of melatonin production reaches peak levels at 2 a.m. in the case of healthy people who are normal. Among the elderly, the amount of melatonin produced is half of that produced in young adolescent people. This makes health professionals to believe that the levels of melatonin are very good indicators that one in ageing. Longevity is clearly hinted at thorough a look at the amount of melatonin produced by the individual.

During the day, levels of melatonin are at their lowest. When the sun sets, lack of light triggers the sending of neural signals into the brain and this makes it to start producing the hormone. The rise continues for hours, reaching its peak at 2 a.m. in the morning, there is a very steady decline in the levels of melatonin that the organ produces. Aging is hinted at when there is poor timing of the production of this hormone.

Neuroendocrine functions are regulated by the melatonin impulses. The intensity of the melatonin peak realization should not be upset. If it is upset, factors such as aging, stress, jet lag and working in the night shift or having to stay awake all night talking or making love are to blame for this scenario. In all these cases, the mental functions of the brain are adversely affected, leading to disruption of the biological clock.

The artificial jet lag comes about as a result of work and other activities that interfere with the normal circadian cycle. Intake of melatonin in the evening can easily and rapidly reset the biological clock such that you are going to go on with your activities in the new time zone normally. The ability of melatonin to alleviate the jet lag has been proven to be effective through numerous experiments.

I became interested in the use of melatonin because of the headaches and migraines I am having almost daily. Several clinical studies show that supplementation with melatonin is an effective preventive treatment for migraines and cluster headaches, so I started using it, and there is some improvement. The use of melatonin has helped with many other disorders such as Cancer, ADHD, or mood disorders, and gallbladder stones. If you suffer from any of the abovementioned disorders, do some research and see which supplement of melatonin could be of help to you.

Stay well and be splenidid always 🙂

The Climate Change and What We Should Do to Slow it Down

Thursday, October 15th, 2009

In the last few years dramatic weather changes and disasters have “waken up” the population all around the world, and most governments are establishing programs and setting goals on how to lower the green house gas emissions within a few years up to 30%, and, than up to 50% and more. The question is not if the Earth is warming up, and what the consequences will be for all of us, but what can we do to slow down the process, and how to increase the awareness of everyone around us and help the environment.

Better insulation of the houses, and the use of better appliances, and lamps is helping a lot, however, this is not enough, and the big factories and producers of machines, and cars have to come up with better utilities that are using less, or different sources of energy that are there for the taking, and costing less. Let’s face it though, we are part of the problem as we cannot do without electricity, or without gas in our homes. The thing is to use less of it, and use it in a way that brings enough light and warmth without harming the environment.

We cannot prevent the warming up as it is already too late for it, and the climate changes are part of life on our Earth. We were responsible however for the speed with which this warming up on Earth is increasing, and should do our best to slow it up as much as we can. For us, and for the future generations.
Don’t close your eyes and senses, and start with your own home, and everything you use in your daily life. And, before buying whatsoever in a shop, or online, ask yourself this question: Am I harming or helping the environment with this purchase? And if you see the green label on it – go ahead and give yourself a pat on the shoulder for doing the right thing.

See also this Global Warming 101 video

Be always Fabulous in whatever you do 🙂

Flying as the Birdmen – one of my heart wishes…

Monday, October 12th, 2009

Like most people I’ve always been fascinated with flying like a bird. Bungee jumping, and skydiving, and everything thrill-seekers love doing has always been a heart wish of mine. Unfortunately the bones in my legs are not strong enough to do any of the above mentioned sports, and it does hurt my feelings so much, and trust me – it really does. To fly as these birdmen do in the video, one has to be an accomplished mountain climber and a skydiver with enough experience. The dreams are last to die, and I keep hoping that one day I will be able to go to Norway and jump from these high mountain rocks while enjoying the speed at 140 or 150 miles an hour…

Watch CBS News Videos Online

How many of you would like to fly like these birdmen do?
Wishing you a great week ahead and to be always Fabulous in whatever you do 🙂

Living Christ – God – Jesus – Lives in Malaysia?

Sunday, October 4th, 2009

Today I received an email, and at first I wasn’t sure what to do with it, and will posting it on totally-useless.com be useful… But than I saw it posted on the God Finder blog. The only difference is that I received it about 3 months later than the author of God Finder did, and since it is posted there – it will be better to go and read it on Kikuko’s blog. Duplicate content is not what I strive for and this is why I am not going to copy and paste the email in here.

After reading the message about the living Christ – called Amer Singh Gill, I would love to know your thoughts. And do you believe in the fact that He is the one described as the Second Coming in the Bible? And that he will be born in an Eastern nation – in this case Malaysia, and that He will look like an Arab?


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