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Double Rainbow in the Middle of a Road…

Wednesday, July 22nd, 2009

We went to Amsterdam yesterday but the weather sucked totally, and I wasn’t in the mood of shooting whatsoever with the rain. While on our way back I kept moaning to my partner, as to why oh why I had no luck in shooting a rainbow. Well friends, no idea how I called it on me, but we were almost back home when I saw a rainbow! And not one, but two rainbows 🙂 So I started yelling to Willem, please, turn the car around, and lets go find where it starts 😉 And so he did, and you can watch the short video that I shot after the couple of captures taken on this same road.

double rainbow...

The same rainbows taken from the car and behind the wet carglass

double rainbow July 21st

alsmost the sky only:

double rainbow on a dark grey sky

And here is the short video:

Beatiful Mansions – from above

Tuesday, July 21st, 2009

Here are two photos of my hot air ballooning trip feautering several beautiful mansions. And I would definitely love to be living in such a neighbourhood 😉 Today I will be in Amsterdam and my next post will have probably a shot or two from there. On another note – today is the start of the yearly International Four Days Marches in Nijmegen, and I was wondering if the people going on a hot air balloon trip there will be able to shoot the walkers… Wishing you a great day and week ahead and will be posting soon again.

Dream place to be living in... from above

Closer by shot of one of the mansions

closer by - dream place to be living in

Hot Air Ballooning – Nijmegen to Emmerich part 2

Wednesday, July 15th, 2009

Here ia another capture of Nijmegen from above, and taken by yours truly.

Nijmegen from above - hot air ballooning 2

And here are a few taken by Willem from another balloon getting higher and higher up

one of the balloons going up

Balloon getting higher up

Balloon getting higher and higher up

Balloon is getting up higher and higher

More to follow soon 🙂

Hot Air Ballooning – Nijmegen to Emmerich – part 1

Tuesday, July 14th, 2009

Let me tell you that the weather last Sunday, the 12th of July started awfully. Rain and wind, and mostly very low dark gray clouds made my heart sink in my shoes when I got up in the morning. Still, I had hope within my heart, that once we get on our way to Nijmegen the weather will change. We arrived in Nijmegen about 16:00 P.M. in the afternoon and the rain had just stopped. It was still gray and clouded however, but I knew that all will change before the flight… And it did! Like in a “called for” miracle, the sun came out of the clouds at around 17:30 P.M., and it became better and better, and the gray clouds dissipated, and the sky became blue with just here and there some nice white clouds 🙂

Hot Air Ballooning 1

This is a shot by Willem just before the balloon will take off. It was a big hot air balloon with places for up to 24 people, but we were 18 and with the balloon guy a total of 19.

Hot Air Ballooning 2

As you can see I had two cameras with me. The Nikon D60 for taking shots, and the Casio Exilim EX-F1 for the video covering most part of the hot air balloon flight.

Nijmegen from above - hot air ballooning 1

And the last one is one of those shots taken above Nijmegen when we got up in the air. On this capture you can see one of the balloons that got in the air before ours did. I will share more photos and videos from this amazing flight, and if you ever wanted to take up with a hot air balloon – JUST DO IT! You will love it al the way, trust me 🙂

Weird Things and Hot Air Ballooning

Saturday, July 11th, 2009

Weird things are firing up my curiosity so high that I am interested in anything else besides what I must do… Finally, I decided to start another blog, one that will be impossible to miss, and incapable of being ignored – like the perfect solution to the rather pressing dilemma, or an answer to the questions like – “What will happen with us all in 2012?”, – “Who are the fallen angels really?”, etc, etc… And due to not feeling so well, and having so much to do – it will take me some time until the new blog becomes what it should be, but it will be worth the wait 😉

Tomorrow I am going to fly, and will do so on a hot air balloon… yippeee! This has been one of my long treasured wishes, and since I had the ticket for almost an year now I decided to finally do it. The weather predictions are not perfect, but somehow I am sure that all will be more than fine, and I will enjoy every minute of it, and will be able to shoot some spectacular photos as well while hot air ballooning above and around the city and surroundings of Nijmegen.

Enjoy your weekend and don’t forget to smell the roses too 😉

Hot Air Ballooning in ShaftesburyFunny home videos are a click away

How to Keep Your Domain Names Safe, and Privacy vs Transparency…

Monday, July 6th, 2009

Today on Blog Catalog the owner of GoSmellTheFlowers.com posted about the theft of his just mentioned domain name. And you could read his story and how this hostage of his domain name happened on his GoSmellTheCoffee.com site.

If you take the time to go and absorb the story and comments on GoSmellTheCoffee.com – you will probably learn a lot about what not to do in order to protect the ownership of your domains. And you also might ask yourself if it was necessary to go public with the private info of all concerned in this matter? The answer is an obvious “No” – for me at least, as one never knows how many scammers and folks with bad intentions are reading all of it.

And while the story was unfolding, a newly written article by Michel Fortin – Don’t Be Transparent, Be Authentic Instead – was published on his blog, that goes about transparency and how much of it is more than enough. A highly recommended post and definitely one to read.



Enjoy your summer and keep yourself, and your domain names, and private life safe…

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