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Others Being Able To Read What’s on Our Mind?

Friday, January 30th, 2009


Last week I read a post on Dr. Mercola’s blog about this new technology, and I wasn’t exactly sure if this is such a good thing. Technology is a great thing that makes our life much easier than it would be without it. However, since I am a person that is very much attached to the personal freedom I am born with – certain technologies only seem to take this freedom from me, or at least the ability to know that there are my thoughts – that should be totally private and sacred, that are now questionably free…

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Thus, I am very much questioning the use of this new technology and what the consequences of it will be for us. What’s your opinion in regards, and would you care to share?

8 Days to Go…

Monday, January 19th, 2009

Strange title calls for an explanation I guess. On the 26th of January will be the Chinese New Year and the feeling of being too tired should be done with after this date. How do I know it? It has to do with the Chinese Horoscope and I was told to expect to be feeling much stronger and soon.

Happy New 2009 to you all and I have been recovering since my last post here. Lots and lots of sleep has done wonders and the pneumonia, and the water surrounding my heart have not left anythig damaged inside my body, excerpt for a small scar – which is not anything to worry about.

...two, but beating as one...

Now it’s time to pick myself up and start working, and studying, and writing again. Thank you for your visits and nice comments and I will be paying visits back for sure. And have a great week ahead you all 🙂

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