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Merry Christmas…

Thursday, December 25th, 2008

Wishing to each and every one of the Totally Useless readers a Merry Christmas and a very Happy Healthy and Prosperous 2009!

Merry Christmas my friends...

And while all of us should take some time off and enjoy well deserved rest with our loved once – my thoughts go out to all that are alone during these Holiday Season. So here is a Special Wish –
To give beyond reason. To care beyond hope. To love without limit. To reach, stretch, and dream, in spite of your fears – Now and Always…

Merry Christmas and a Very Happy, Healthy and Prosperous New 2009!

Re-routing Enthusiasm and Achieve Everything you Want?

Tuesday, December 16th, 2008

This morning I stumbled again upon a video of Tellman Knudson titled “Sexual Transmutation”, and I wanted to share it here with you for several reasons. Please note, this video is not geared toward sex and it goes about something much deeper that is buried within each one of us. It’s about the strongest of desires and how to re-rout it and get the motivation that is lacking, and shifting the flow of energy so that you achieve what you want. You will become an unstopable force, finally…


Of course, after watching it I re-read chapter 11 of “Think and Grow Rich” and am planning to try this out for myself. And if you lack enthusiasm with your work, and with the achievement of your goals, than by all means – go and try this out for yourself 😉

What does your heart say?

Creating heavenly beauty…

Monday, December 1st, 2008

At times finding the meaning behind what is happening to us can be quite a challenge. We may trust our fantasies more than reality, even when confronted with the facts – for these, too, can be bent out of shape by our illusions.

Heavenly blessing...

Best to: View Large and On Black

This is about using our minds to create the future we so much want to achieve. Creating our own Paradise instead of living in the Matrix Hell. Being good in the small things gives us the certainty of being able to achieve bigger goals – do you agree? And just like within the photo above – magic happens when we are open for it and wishing for it to happen… There was no Post-processing used and the photo is “As is from the camera” with the exception of the added signature.

Wishing to all of you that stop by a heavenly week ahead…

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