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The better you become – the less you’ll get, is it?

Saturday, September 20th, 2008

Just wondering how many of you have found out that the above statement is correct, or not? In several occasions it has turned so for me, and was wondering for how many of you counts the same?

The better you become - the less you'll get...

Wishing you a great weekend and will post again soon 🙂

Starting on new road, a new place to be…

Wednesday, September 17th, 2008

Finally, and after so many quasi attempts – I am starting with my Doctoral degree in Philosophy. This will take obviously most of my time, and it will be difficult to increase the post number on this and other blogs of mine. The same goes for my photography time, but life is so short, and, before you know it, you are middle aged, and not there yet… And, than what if you don’t follow your dreams? And what if life continues as it was until now? Not a big deal, right?

Life Is a Gift...

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Every time you settle for less than you wanted to achieve while you were on the start of your career and life, you are doing yourself a not-favor big time. What has a Doctoral degree to do with happiness you might ask. And you are right, the Ph.D. will not bring you happiness, but it will give you another achievement, and it will increase your self-worth more than you can imagine before you have it. My reasons for it are plenty as I am considering change of careers when I have this degree.

different realities...

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Wishing you all a splendid week ahead, and talk to you soon 🙂

The Rose, and more roses…

Sunday, September 7th, 2008

So sorry for not posting for far too long actually, but I was exhausted both mentally and phisically when I came back home after having been away for about 4 months. And a friend of mine on Flickr mentioned the text of the following song on her photo today -I found it appropriate as a post on this blog too, which I hope you’ll enjoy listening to.

Some say love – it is a river – that drowns the tender reed
Some say love – it is a razor – that leads your soul to bleed
Some say love – it is a hunger – and endless aching need
I say love – it is a flower – and you it’s endless seed
It’s the heart afraid of breaking – that never learns to dance
It’s the dream afraid of waking – that never takes a chance
It’s the one – who can’t be taken – who cannot seem to give
And the soul afraid of dying – that never learns to live
When the night has been to lonely and the road has been too long
And you find that love is only for the lucky and the strong
Just remember in the winter for ‘neath the bitter snow
Lies the seed that with the sun’s love –
In spring becomes –
The Rose.

And these are my captures of the “I LOVE YOU” roses, part of the bouqets of roses that I received with my home coming

the I LOVE YOU rose...

the I LOVE YOU roses

Enjoy your weekend and will post again soon

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