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And an especially Good Friday to all of you :)

Friday, March 21st, 2008

With this amazing capture by my friend Mack, I am wishing all of the totally-useless.com believer readers a very Happy Good Friday, and to the rest of you a great Friday, and many, many good things coming your way πŸ™‚

~ '57 Chevies, Budweiser, Lucky Strikes, Bob Dylan & Buddy Holly (A Love for Real) (Not Fade Away)

By clicking on the photo you will go straight to his photo stream on Flickr and you will definitely enjoy your visit there πŸ™‚ Enjoy your weekend and talk to you soon πŸ™‚

Happy Easter and Spring to all the readers of Totally-Useless.com

Friday, March 21st, 2008

...Happy Spring...

With the captures here I wish all the readers that are believers – a very Happy Easter and Good Friday, and for everyone else – a Happy Spring πŸ™‚

...plum blossoms bokeh - HBW...

I know that the captures are far from the clichΓ© egg or bunny images, but being personally such a lover of the extreme beauty in objects and nature – I could only be satisfied with such a “Congrats wish” as I am presenting for you here in this post…


Trust me friends, lots of things are going downright awful for me right now and I can barely manage the daily works as I am far behind with everything that I had to do. And once everything has been completed I hope to resume posting more often on my blogs than I am doing right now.

Spend well your Easter Holiday and I will talk to you soon πŸ™‚

…How wasteful human race really is…

Sunday, March 16th, 2008

Garbage Man.., originally uploaded by farmer giles 01 (I’m back).

Haven’t you wondered at times what if everything we buy keeps doing us service forever? Wouldn’t this be great? No extra garbage, no extra costs, etc,etc? We all know on the other hand that businesses and factories have to earn, so we unconsciously keep the vicious circle going, and going forth. We keep buying “garbage”, because the stuff was not meant to be working forever to begin with. So we either keep buying replacements, keep paying insurances, or buy a new piece of the same.

The photo above is taken by a friend of mine – Andy, and if you click on the link under the photo you’ll visit his photo stream on Flickr.
The creature on the photo is made entirely from garbage pieces. And this is what he wrote about the photo of the “Garbage Man” above:

“At a deserted rubbish tip miles from nowhere there’s a stirring.. a strange sound is heard and there’s movement below.. sensing danger the rats scurry into the safety of their holes.. all goes silent for few minutes then with a large crash tonnes of rubbish and dirt are thrown high into the air.. as the dust settles a robotic type creature, humunoid in appearance emerges from the depths..

The creature cranes its head skyward as the warm rays of the morning sun bathes it in light.. in a childlike way it tilts its head as if to understand this glowing phenomena.. Throwing back its head it lets out a spine chilling roar and with long mechcanical strides heads off in the direction of the sleeping city just miles away.. is this a new sentient being and what are the consequences for man.. Garbage man is alive and needs to feed?

The above is fiction but this is fact – Isn’t it amazing just how wasteful the human race is.. we live in a throw away world and think nothing of the consequences our impact has on our beautiful planet.. It will always be someone elses problem “why should I bother” most of us have thought at some point.. and i’m as quilty as the next man/woman in that respect..

We can only pass the buck to the next generation for so long before it will finally catch up with us and bite us on the arse.. This creature is at the “Eden Project” near St Austel in Cornwall (UK) he’s made entirely from rubbish taken from the local tip..

Explore #362

Uploaded by farmer giles 01 (I’m back) on 14 Mar 08, 1.40PM CET.”

Enjoy your Sunday my friends and have a great week ahead. And I’ll be talking to you soon again πŸ™‚

Totally Useless and the modern day Cleopatra…

Sunday, March 9th, 2008

…modern day Cleopatra…, originally uploaded by tatyveli.

Even though the Womens Day yesterday went so well for me – I had also a harsh waking up call, so to say. There is something definitely wrong with my eyes. Since yesterday I am not able to read from close-by and have to place books, or the news paper at arms length from me in order to be able to read it. The problem is also affecting my photography because I am unable to read the letters on the camera buttons even :S This is not how things usually go when your sight is getting worse with the age. It goes un-noticed for as far as I know, and not so suddenly for sure.
The …modern day Cleopatra… is yours trully with the use of some PS modifications, such as taking off the contrast and using a blue filter.

And this capture here bellow is a tulip capture and the tulips were given to me yesterday as well as many roses. I will be posting macro captures of these in the coming weeks,

...embrace me...

If anyone has expirienced this same eye sight problem – please share it here, and I’ll really appreciate it.
Thank you and I wil be talking to you soon. Wishing you a great week ahead too.

Happy Women’s Day…Internationally :)

Friday, March 7th, 2008

…Happy Women’s Day…, originally uploaded by tatyveli.

To all the women wherever they are, and whatever they’ll be doing on the 8th of March, I wish with this capture, a happy and shiny day, and that you feel happy, and loved, and appreciated πŸ™‚

Magic, or so… Orchid in the mirror…

Sunday, March 2nd, 2008

…orchid in the mirror…, originally uploaded by tatyveli.

The latest break with writing my blogs was due to some total mental exhaustion. I felt unable to write whatsoever, not only about totally useless, or usefull things, but also about cats, or about my skulls, etc.etc.

On the 28th of February I was able to take several flower shots and wanted to share some of these with you now. The above one is the one with magic. You will be able to view it Large and on Black if you click on the link under the photo, and on the next page – on the link where is written: View on Black

This one is an experiment with again a mirror, and not much light and no flash. What is fascinating me here is the illusion that created itself somehow…Check the leaf coming from behind the orchid and ending above the left hand side of the mirror πŸ™‚ No layers used or Post Processing whatsoever to create it… Tell me what do you think please, and how did this happen? I have no answer for it myself and kept re-playing in my mind over and over again how I took this capture, but there is no explanation for it whatsoever. So, I would love to hear your thoughts in regards.

...spring beauties bokeh...

This one here is taken on the same day, and in the garden house of a friend of mine. It’s all covered with glass, and there is heating, and due to it they are enjoying some of the most beautiful plants and flowers the year around…;) and yup, some strike it rich :D… As here in The Netherlands is too cold yet for these beauties to bloom outside.

Hoping that all of you are enjoying your weekend and the start of March. Lets hope that Spring will soon be here and the sunshine will be more that it is now. We all need light, and the sun is the best provider of light. Not only for the vitaly important vitamine D, but also to fight the winter depression. And the winter depression is mostly due to lack of sun shine… πŸ™‚ Talk to you soon!

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