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Totally Useless is spreading awards today :)

Friday, November 30th, 2007

Eye See You 2, originally uploaded by . Andrew Dunn ..

While I am not writing I am still watching you and your blogs my friends…as you can see from the magnificent macro photo here above 🙂 The photo is taken by Andrew Dunn and he made it as a tribute to Olafur Eliasson’s light sculpture “Eye See You”.

And even if I planned to write again right after the previous post – I wasn’t able to. Relapse is keeping me in bed for most of the day, and even though I get online a few times daily – it is not for long enough to write a nice blog post. Totally useless received 2 awards, one from Bob, and his Blackholes and Astro stuff blog, and the other one from The Blue Eyed Girl and her blog The Lovely Novia.
It took me some time to choose the 11 blogs to be awarded, but here these are finally 🙂

Spread the joy around please and warm the hearts of other deserving your attention bloggers 🙂


And these are the deserving bloggers receiving the Amazing Award:

Renato d’Oxaguiã and his blog Renato d’Oxaguiã
Ro and her blog Pensive Musings
Dan Hanosh and his blog Dreams are Yours to Share
Matt and his blog Empathy
Nick Carlton and his blog Personal Paranoia and also his other blog Strange Corridor
Paolo Hulio and his blog Share My Art
WonderWoman and her blog Disjointed Intelligence
Beth Pena and her blog My Moon Rising


The following deserving bloggers are the receivers of The Egel Nest Blog Award
Mark and his blog 6thSensitive
Ivy Augustine and her blog Blackbaies – Chronicles of A Pinay Dreamer
Joderebe and his blog The Uneasy Supplicant

Wishing all of you a happy and wonderful weekend and drop by and leave some comments – as I do reply to these 😉

Totally-Useless was tagged…and a new day ahead

Monday, November 26th, 2007

As the title is stating, Totally-Useless was tagged by Devon on his blog . So, I will have to write 7 weird facts about myself and then tag 7 more bloggers to do the same.

These are the rules: Link to the person that tagged you and post the rules on your blog. Share 7 random and/or weird facts about yourself. Tag 7 random people at the end of your post, and include links to their blogs. Let each person know they have been tagged by leaving a comment on their blog.

Here we go than with the 7 weird facts about myself:

1) Getting easily bored when things to do become routine, so I ditch whatever it is that is boring me and start working – doing something new. My motto behind it is – Life is too short to stay bored 🙂
2) Unable to finish writing my 1st and only book – it is either a writers block or this book is worthless.
3) Hate and fear pain, and being ill.
4) Would love to be able to do bungee jumping, para gliding and sky diving, but in order to do that I will need to have some expensive devices around my knees and ancles, or I will break my leggs while landing.
5) Dream about traveling among the stars, and at times these dreams are very realistic.
6) When I feel happy a conversation with me is lighter than air, more delicious than candy, and as entertaining as the Matrix trilogy, or even more than that…
7) Love to keep myself busy with paradoxes and alchemy.

These are the blogs and their bloggers that I am tagging:

Bob and his blog Blackholes and Astrostuff
Uri and his blog Urikalization
Michael and his blog After Midnight
Hungry Mother and his blog Random Thoughts
JJ Loch and her blog Nature Shows
Divas and the blog DrDivas
Kham Tran and the blog with the same name KhamTran.com

With the photo above (taken by yours trully) I wish you all an awesome week ahead and talk to you soon 🙂

Sadness…and the perfect music for a totally useless day

Thursday, November 22nd, 2007

Having one of those totally useless days that nothing seems to go the right way. Perfect for the music of Enigma however, even if I can hardly keep my tears, and am letting them go. This is ThanksGiving for all my friends in the US, and I wanted to congratulate them with this day, and to let them know that I am grateful and am giving my “Thanks” daily and hope they are doing the same. This definitely brings some good karma into our lives and makes us happy even in our sad moments…

Grateful for the possibility to be able to display these 2 videos of Enigma for you to enjoy.

Talk to you soon my friends

Trust is at times so Totally Useless online

Sunday, November 18th, 2007

little garden-galaxy, ii, originally uploaded by @ires.

Please, take a good look at this awesome capture of a friend of mine – @ires – on Flickr.com. What I see in it is all of us living in our own galaxies, while at the same time, we are all together in the big galaxy.
We, and our safety, or our happiness and existence depend on so many outside factors, and all of us know that. What we take for granted at times is that most people we encounter for business, or for friendship are as honest as we are. This makes us also very vulnerable and naïf at times. Now I am about to tell you what happened to me in regards to the above rant.

On this post: Amazing beauty that gives me peace , I wrote in one of the answers to a comment that I am about to receive a new Nikon D80 as an early Christmas present. What I didn’t mention further was that to be able to pay for the camera I had to sell one of my web sites. The sale went fine, and I received the money, which I immediately spent on what I thought, a reliable web site and their offer. And for as much as I could tell all seemed legit, was it not that the payment has to be done by Western Union, or by Money Gram. But since the company was in Russia – Moscow, I thought, well, probably they have problems with opening an account via Paypal, or other merchant account providers, and it should be ok.

To cut it short – I paid, and sent to these people the 10-digit MTCN number on Saturday morning, the 10th of November 2007. On Monday, the 12th of November, I received an answer that the package has been sent, and to let them know when I’ll receive it.
Some weird thought came in my mind however, that something stinks here, as they did not send to me any package number, or by whom, or which postal company did they send the package with the camera in it. So I called the number of the company,and asked to speak to this lady of their sales department, called Marina Swartz. My shock was enormous when I was told that there was no such person working for the company. And why didn’t I called earlier, you may wonder? Because on their web site was written that they only have availability of phone support for companies or people ordering in bulk – 50 pieces and more.

So what was there left for me to do? Well, I sent this lady an email, telling her about my findings, and that they will be very sorry of their scam if they do not return my money, and that I will not leave it here. I explained to her that they messed with the wrong person really, and that I will write all about their scam all over the Net, and that I will contact Adwords, because you see my friends, I came on their web site through an Adsense ad on eBay! The next thing, I know is that their web site went off line, a 404 error is there instead, and of course, no answer whatsoever.

So why did I write about it today? After all, the idiom: “a fool and his money are easily parted” is very much what happened here with me. So, I wanted to warn each and everyone of my friends and readers with it. And because this is the very 1st time that I have been scammed in all the years of buying and selling on the Net, I thought to share my misadventure with you here.

This is obviously not all of it, and I think of starting a new site about the GOOD answer to scams and scammers, and what we all could do when, and if such do happen to us.
Needless to tell you how heart broken and disillusioned I am right now. How desperate, and screwed, and angry I feel. There will be no new camera for me for quit sometime I guess, as we are short on cash, and I don’t have anything left to sale right now.
Wishing you all a splendid week ahead, and check again the photo of my friend above, while remembering how vulnerable, and fragile we are in our own universes always.

Stupid/Funny videos and their purpose, and some Useful/Useless news

Friday, November 16th, 2007

Hi to all my friends from the land of the sleepy and tired folks 🙂
Today I purchased a site that has a nice potential, especially for people crazy about digital photography.
This is the one StockPhotoPla.Net Tell me please, don’t you like the name? And how about the look? The site is ready and running, although not fully completed as yet. So, now I have an other reason to get better soon in order to see the site take off and make a good start 😉

The lady that I purchased the StockPhotoPla.Net site from is working on an other site at the moment, and from there I took the following funny video for you to see and have a good laugh… However, the video wasn’t displaying well on this blog, and I took it from YouTube instead. Enjoy 😉

What is the usefulness, or for that matter the uselessness of funny and stupid videos online according to you? Isn’t it so that we tend to be too serious, and too busy during our days? Be it while working, or while doing our daily chores. We do need some laughter and cheerfulness – and if we can get it while watching a few funny videos daily, there is nothing wrong about it. It does become a different story however when some seriously mentally disturbed folks place online, at YouTube or at another place, some weird – and at times – dangerously sick videos. This will be one of the things that I will write about next time.

Talk to you soon and have a nice weekend 🙂

Open door to our future…

Saturday, November 10th, 2007

Open door, originally uploaded by ThijsFr.

It’s been a crazy and bumpy road for me lately as you probably know. At least if you read the latest few posts on this blog, and the pneumonia I am having. I was starting to feel better and the fever went down a few degrees. And when I thought I was about to get better – it became worse again. Plus I am so tired that I cannot stay awake for more than an hour few times a day.

I am so grateful for the few friends that I am having, and how much they are doing for me daily. It warms my heart and I feel somehow safe and cared for, and not only by my partner but by these friends. Trust me people, friendship is one of the greatest gifts we are blessed within our lives. And if you are blessed with a friend or two, be grateful and stand there for them – if they ever need you 🙂

And here I’ll share the Prosperity Blessing written by Veronica M. Hay, for you, and coming from my heart.

A Prosperity Blessing

May you be blessed with an amazingly abundant day today!

May the clouds break and the heavens pour down upon you more joy, more love, more laughter and more money than you could have ever dreamed of.

May the sun shine its golden light of prosperity through every cell of your extraordinary body.

May you be cleansed today of any resistance or feelings of unworthiness that you may still be holding onto.

May your false illusions of doubt, fear and scarcity gently fall away like soft white feathers on a gentle breeze.

May you be willing, simply willing, to allow the Universe to shower you with miracles today.

May the Angels wrap you in their shining wings of opulence.

May the fairies deliver you to their pot of gold at the end of a majestic rainbow.

May your eyes shine with the glorious truth of who you really are and may that truth uplift others in your presence to their own inner knowing.

May your ears hear the sound of perfection ringing in your soul.

May you taste the deliciousness of every precious bite of life as your day unfolds moment by moment with amazing grace, heartfelt love and a bounty of magnificent money.

As this day ends, may you slumber wrapped in an exquisite blanket of enduring peace and profound gratitude.

And may the last words you speak today be Thank You!

Veronica M. Hay
Copyright 2004

Veronica Hay is the author of “In a Dream, You Can Do Anything, A Collection of Words” An extraordinary collection of writings that will uplift you, motivate you, inspire you and gently guide you along the inner path of your life. You can visit her website at: www.insightsandinspirations.com

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