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The magic of these crystal skulls – Totally Halloween or Not

Wednesday, October 31st, 2007

The magic of these crystal skulls, originally uploaded by tatyveli.

Many do think that this piece of art could go perfectly with Halloween –
so here it is for you to see and to enjoy today 🙂 And even though the crystal skulls in my collection have nothing to do with the horror stories associated with Halloween, it is fine with me when people like these, in whatever way they like… To read more about the crystal skulls in my collection, check my Crystal Skulls blog
Enjoy your Halloween day and talk to you soon 🙂

skull cathedral for the soul, originally uploaded by tatyveli.

And the same goes for this piece of art – found very appropriate for Halloween… not by me though 🙂

Still breathing and not in the hospital :)

Monday, October 29th, 2007

planet watcher, originally uploaded by tatyveli.

Hello to all new and old visitors of Totally Useless. I just wanted to drop by, and let you know that I am fighting the pneumonia the best way that I can, and that is – with lots of rest and sleep, + hot tea’s, and vitamins & antibiotics. There is nothing worse on this world than being ill and incapacitated. Hopefully I’ll get the fever down soon, and, than I’ll be back with my daily writings.
The image above is dedicated to a blogging friend of mine – Boba and his amazing blog Blackholes and Astrostuff
And the red planet does represent Mars 😉
Wishing each and everyone a great week ahead, and keep healthy 🙂

Feeling Perfectly Blue and also Totally Useless

Friday, October 19th, 2007

Perfect Blue, originally uploaded by netean.

See the image? This is how fragile our life and health could be, and at times it really is.
Just wanted to let you know that I am with pneumonia, which for some obvious reasons is keeping me mostly off line and in bed. Being on heavy antibiotics for a few days now is making me sleep for the most of the day and the night. And breathing is a tough thing to do right now. Hopefully I will not be going to stay at the hospital, as I really hate it there.

I’ll try to post as often as possible while recovering, and hope to be able to do it daily again sometime soon. Stay well and take care my friends.

Happy Blog Action Day for the Environment

Monday, October 15th, 2007

For most of us the environment is a very important topic. Today is an Action Blog Day and you could read more about it on BlogActionDay.org

Maybe you wonder what could you do to preserve the environment and to not be part of the ever increasing problem world-wide? In our household we are using green electricity. We also have the house very well isolated and use as little as possible heating. Also, all the lamps we use in our house are of the energy saving lamp type. If each and everyone of us will choose to preserve the environment and do their best to use less energy I think we will be one step closer to preserving our Earth from warming up too much and too soon. Every bit helps people.

See this incredible image here.

W a i t i n g, originally uploaded by lichtmaedel.

And think please of what would you sacrifice to keep this beauty alive for the following generations. Also, try to imagine our Earth no longer providing us with the beautiful air that we are breathing, and look at when we watch the sky at sunset or at sunrise? Think please, and while thinking start doing something about it. No matter how small it might seem to you. It counts!

Back to the Totally Useless

Sunday, October 14th, 2007

Swiss afternoon, originally uploaded by moonjazz.

Being back to my blog and to writing after a few days of rest is like having been on a short trip without the notebook, or without an Internet connection. It’s kind of like having been to the mountains in Swiss, like on this awesome shot here. But I wasn’t there, and never left home. The new cat that we adopted gave me a big scratch and nearly took my right eye off. Not much damage was done but due to the scratches and the pain I had – I didn’t want to do the writing and reading with the use of only my left eye.


Here is a photo of Sylvester for you to see. He is huge really, and twice as heavy when compared to my other 6 cats. He is very, very sweet, polite and loving, except for when other cats interfere with the attention he is getting. He is not used to sharing HIS humans. But I hope all will be solved with time as I really want to keep him here.

Last Friday (just before the eye scratching occurred) I read a very funny but disturbing article about the 3 years old boy driving along highway with a toy Mustand GT –
that I wanted to share with you here, while wishing you a great week ahead 🙂
Talk to you soon.

Will post again and soon, for now enjoy this superb shot

Saturday, October 13th, 2007

Greenbottle, originally uploaded by Shutterklik.com.

Due to unforseen circumstances and a damaged eye sight I am not able to write a nice post at the moment. However, I promise to be back soon, and will try to post tomorrow, or on Sunday. For now enjoy this splendid photo and a masterpiece of a macro shot, and talk to you soon 😉

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