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Are You in the 99 Club? Not a Totally Useless Story here…

Wednesday, April 18th, 2007

This is not the first time that I am mentioning “Forward to a better day”
club, and I am receiving a daily email from them. Everything they share
with their subscribers are usually “gems” and these are making my day.

Here is one of these “gem” stories that I hope you’ll enjoy as much as
I did. It seems that the more you open yourself to a certain way of
thinking – the more stories, or speeches, or advices you’ll hear and
receive than you ever thought possible. On the other hand – we call
toward ourselves mostly everything that comes along, be it good, or
bad, or more of the same that we have been dealing with.

Enjoy the story for now and I’ll be back to discuss what I meant with
the last paragraph soon. Promise I will 🙂

In a place very near here, there was a king. The
king, given all the riches and luxuries he had,
might have been more content. Sadly, he found
himself wondering why he always seemed less
than content with his life.

Sure, he had the attention of people wherever
he went, attended fancy dinners and parties,
but somehow, he still felt something was amiss
and he was unable to define it.

One day, the king woke up earlier than usual to
stroll around his palace. He entered his huge
living room and came to a stop when he heard
someone happily singing away… following this
singing… he saw that one of the servants was
singing and had a very contented look on his face.
This fascinated the king and he summoned this
man to his chambers.

The man entered the King’s chambers as ordered.
The king asked why he was so happy?

To this the man replied: “Your majesty, I am only
a servant, but I make enough of a living to keep
my wife and children happy. We don’t need too
much, a roof over our heads and warm food to
fill our tummy. My wife and children are my
inspiration, they are content with whatever little
I bring home. I am happy because my family is

Hearing this, the king dismissed the servant and
summoned his personal assistant to his chambers.

The king related his personal anguish about his
feelings and then related the story of the servant
to his personal assistant, hoping that somehow,
he will be able to come up with some reasoning
that here was a king who could have anything
he wished for at a snap of his fingers and yet
contentment escaped him, whereas, his servant,
having so little was extremely contented.

The personal assistant listened attentively and
came to a conclusion. He said, “Your majesty, I
believe that the servant has not been made part
of The 99 Club.”

“The 99 Club? What exactly is that?” the king

The assistant replied, “Your majesty, to truly
know what The 99 Club is, you will have to do
the following… place 99 gold coins in a bag and
leave it at this servant’s doorstep, you will then
understand what The 99 Club is.”

That very same evening, the king arranged for
99 gold coins to be placed in a bag at the same
servant’s doorstep. Although he was slightly
hesitant and thought he should have put 100
gold coins into the bag, but since his assistant
had advised him to put exactly 99, that is what
he did.

The servant was just stepping out of his house
when he saw a bag at his doorstep. Wondering
about its contents, he took it into his house
and opened the bag. When he opened the bag,
he let out a great big shout of joy…gold coins…
so many of them. He could hardly believe it. He
called his wife to show her the coins.

He then took the bag to a table and emptied it
out and began to count the coins. Doing so, he
realized that there were 99 coins. He thought it
was an odd number so he counted again, and
again and again only to come to the very same
conclusion… 99 gold coins.

He began to wonder, what could have possibly
happened to that last 1 coin? Surely one would
hardly leave 99 coins. He began to search his
entire house, looked around his backyard for
hours, wanting to make sure that he would not
lose out on that one coin. Finally, exhausted,
he decided that he was going to have to work
harder than ever to make up for that single gold
coin to make his entire collection an even 100
gold coins.

He got up the next morning, in an extremely
horrible mood, shouting at the children and his
wife for his delay, not realizing that he had just
spent most of the night finding ways of working
hard so that he had enough money to buy that
gold coin. He went to work as usual – but not in
his usual best mood, singing happily – as he did
his daily errands.

Seeing the man’s attitude change so drastically,
the king was puzzled. He promptly summoned
his assistant to his chambers. The king related
his thoughts about the servant and once again,
his assistant listened. The king could not believe
that the servant who until yesterday had been
singing away and was happy and content with
his life had taken a sudden change of attitude,
even though he should have been happier after
receiving the gold coins.

To this the assistant replied “Ah! Your majesty,
that servant has now officially joined The 99
Club.” He explained: “The 99 Club is just a
name given to those people who have so much
that it seems like everything and yet are never
contented, therefore they are always working
hard and striving for that extra 1 to round it
out to 100!

We have so much to appreciate and we can live
with very little in our lives, but the minute we
are given something bigger and better, we want
even more!”

Are you the same happy contented person you
used to be? Do you want more and more and
by wanting more and more miss the price you
pay for it? Do you lose your happiness and your
sleep? Do you hurt the people around you just
as a price to pay for growing needs and desires?
That is what joining The 99 Club is all about.”

Hearing this the king decided that from that day
onwards, he was going to start appreciating all
the little things in life.

Do you dwell on what is missing in your life or
live in gratitude for all you have and all God is
sending you even as you read this?

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Google’s Adsense banning – in some cases – Undeserved, thus Totally Useless…

Monday, April 16th, 2007

This last week was probably the worst for me with Adsense since I started
using their advertising system last year. The reason for it is that my earnings
have dropped to almost none after taking the adsense code from my highly
earning sites – the proxy network of mine.

“Why did she do that”, you might ask yourself, “Has she lost her Adsense
account and is she banned”? The answer to these questions is “No”. My
account hasn’t been banned. Not as, yet. What I did get though is one
of the warning emails Adsense is sending to their publishers when fraudulent
clicks have been tracked within the sites of this account.

These emails do not provide with any info whatsoever regarding which site
had these invalid, or fraudulent clicks. Adsense simply tells you the following
(quoted from their email):It has come to our attention that invalid clicks or
impressions have been generated on the Google ads on your site(s) through
users of third-party programs paid or, provided with other incentives to visit
your site. Such programs include, but are not limited to auto-surf, pay-to-surf,
pay-to-read, or pay-to-click sites.

They are telling everyone that due to their proprietary algorithm they cannot
disclose any details about how our monitoring technology works or what specifics
they have found on your account.

This is puzzling to me as what could the disclosure of which site the invalid clicks
have been tracked on has to do with their algo? I wasn’t asking how their algo
works, I only asked on which site(s) were the invalid clicks tracked. However the
problem is – they do not disclose any info leaving us with no other choice but to
take their Adsense code from every site you think this might have happened on.

On various forums this problem has been discussed all over, and many of the
webmasters receiving such warning email have been banned already. Read this
thread on proxy.org’s forum.
You could read also this blog post of a fellow proxy webmaster Mubin, which is giving valuable advice for people new in the proxy webmastering.

As I said earlier, my Adsense income has dropped to almost none and I can only
hope this issue with the botnets will be solved soon so that the Adsense code
could be displayed again on the proxies. And I will keep you updated about the
answer that I am expecting from Adsense.

Wishing you a nice week ahead and to do mostly useful things 🙂

Work is Totally Useless when you…

Sunday, April 8th, 2007

don’t enjoy your life…

Happy Easter my dear readers and friends!

Can you imagine that just like every other day of the week I was busy
and working, and as you know, it’s a holiday, and time to spend with
your family and loved once… So, for some is but not for us all.

And because of it – sometimes I get so frustrated and angry with myself.
And ask myself what is the point? Why do we ignore our life and only work,
and work, and work? For what do we do it – if we don’t even enjoy our
life? Since we have no free time, and do not share such a time with our
loved once – what is the point of it?

We all are making a living, right? And we do need it to get by to be able
to enjoy our lifetime in the best of ways, doing what we love and enjoy
most. Little do we know however, as to how long our life will be, and after
we will have all the money we so much need and want, what will happen
if we will be too old to enjoy whatsoever, and too ill to travel around, and
enjoy our long dreamed about splendid life?

My dad told me recently just about the same as I am telling you above.
His point was – what do you think will happen when you are too burned
out to enjoy what is left out of life? Wont you be sorry that you didn’t
enjoy it more? That you didn’t take some free time and got out of your
office? To smell the roses perhaps,or to go to have a drive in the

And I started telling my dad how bad the situation actually is, that we
don’t have enough to pay the taxes on the 17th, and that we are behind
with payments, and that we risk loosing our home. His answer was the
same though. He kept telling me how little all this will mean when one day
I will be with enough cash to pay all my bills, and will be satisfied with my
income. He kept saying – you need to live your life dear daughter, and not
spend it with working 18 + hours a day, as you’re killing yourself slowly but

Deep in my heart I know that he is right, and I also know that we have to
pay our bills and try to make the most out of our lives while we are here,
and enjoying good health, and have a family and a loving partner. I just
wish to know how to enjoy life more and have the time to spend it while
enjoying it. Maybe someone knows? And would like to share?

Wishing you a splendid week ahead and talk to you soon!

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