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Faster Internet – needed, or not? And more useless rants…

Thursday, March 22nd, 2007

So sorry for my long silence of lately, and for too much of
procrastination. However I am one person, and one can only do
and write so much a day. I have simply spread myself too thin
and have too much to do on the daily bases. So no, no excuses.

Today I read about how many are discontented about their
Internet connection speed in New Zealand. Call it crazy or
useless, but Internet is useful for so many of the world
populations that are spending most of their valuable time
online already. For fun, or for their work, or to search simply,
or to communicate with others. I can’t imagine life without it –
can you perhaps? Read and make yourself heard in regards

Than there is a lot of celebrity news, just like every other day.
If it serves so many fans, and people all over the world are
enjoying the latest escapades, and happenings, who am I, or
you for that matter to find it useless? There are many other
things to do and enjoy in order to fill in your day, but, what if
you enjoy, really enjoy some of the actors, or love Angelina
Jolie and find Brad Pitt
romantic and gorgeous?

Or cannot fall asleep because there is no news regarding the
sudden death of Anne Nicole Smith, and the how’s and why’s
surrounding it do not end?

Than there is my other interest – nanotechnology. And this is one
of the least useless things on the world today. Nanotechnology
has so much to offer to our Earth and it’s preservation, to all of
us humans, and the list is endless actually.
The articles that I have written in regards will be bundled in an
e-book that will be available for free on my Ecophagy site above,
in about a month from now.

Enjoy your week and make it as useful as possible!

What is the purpose of Having? Well, Giving of course :)

Tuesday, March 6th, 2007

It must be really fulfilling to have and be able to give. All of us are doing it on a daily bases, and most of us don’t even know it. The Monthly Millionaires Magazine is bringing to all of the Wannabe Millionaires the news about the real once. And trust me, there are really many philanthropist among the multi Millionaires πŸ™‚ Is not necessary to be a Millionaire to be able to give, but imagine how much you could do with your plenty of money while helping people after a disaster of the proportions of Katrina in New Orleans, and so many other places to mention. Suffice to say that giving to the once in need will make you feel great and not totally useless πŸ™‚

Useless or Useful – An Alien Detector … check if your lover is one!

Saturday, March 3rd, 2007

Hello dear readers of Totally Useless πŸ™‚
Today I read a very nice article about an Alien and UFO Detector
– sold in Japan for just $18. It could be a totally useless noncence
but it might be the reAl thing as well, who knows?
I wish though that where I live was such a place like Akihabara. Is
there anything more fun than going through strange stuff while no
one is pushing you to buy? It must be a great place and I’d love to
visit it some day.

Have fun during Sunday and will talk to you next week πŸ™‚

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