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Eagles off the Endangered List makes land Not Totally Useless

Monday, February 26th, 2007

Today I read a story about a guy fighting to be able to make use
his own land. At the moment, and for many years he could not
develop or build whatever on his property due to regulations.
He is fighting it and you could read all about it Here

To tell you the truth – I am not so sure if the guy is right or is he
wrong. How useful are the over regulations, and could we live on
without caring about wild life. What is more useless, our Earth with
fewer animals, or us with less liberty to do whatever we see fit on
our properties. Tough question for some, I think.

Have a great week ahead and do more useful things in your life 🙂

About wacky words and how useful these are?

Monday, February 19th, 2007

Funny the article I read today on People.co.uk
Some of the words made me laugh a lot, and others made me gasp 🙂
You could say that if you talk using these words people might
or might not understand what you are saying, or talking about…
The question is: How useful or useless are these words according to you?

Have a great week ahead and talk to you soon!

Is education mostly useless according to you?

Friday, February 9th, 2007

Via several feeds I check daily the news and there were
a few that I wanted to share with you today.

Can education be perseived as usueles? And if so – than why
are we spending years of our lives in educating our selves?

There is some other “useless news” for you to enjoy here.


I wanted to write about something other than my kn…
It made me think of how useless my education has been. None of my friends ever phone me to ask how to write an essay about Gogol (note: if you want me to help you on this give me 2 weeks notice). I still get a lot of “can you edit this


The iPod City Ban- a Stupid and Useless Political Initiative – Playfuls.com

The iPod City Ban- a Stupid and Useless Political Initiative
Playfuls.com, Romania – 8 hours ago
?iPod oblivion? (if it exists) but I strongly believe that the initiative of banning the iPods while crossing the street is just infantile and useless.


FAI falls foul of online edit (ElectricNews.net via Yahoo! UK & Ireland News)
Wikipedia entries for the Football Association of Ireland (FAI), Ireland manager Steve Staunton and striker Robbie Keane have been sabotaged.

Making Personal Information Useless to Identity Thieves (Market Wire via Yahoo! Finance)

Talk to you soon and enjoy your weekend!

The Useless News of today

Thursday, February 8th, 2007

Lies In The Textbooks – Creationist Kent Hovind Reveals The Truth Abut Evolution

Lies In The Textbooks – Creationist Kent Hovind Reveals The Truth Abut Evolution
Kent Hovind
59 min 46 sec – Mar 1, 2006

Lies In The Textbooks – Creation Scientist Kent Hovind Reveals The Truth Abut Evolution! For more videos like this please visit http://www.drdino.com/downloads.php?type=Seminar+Video


Sideshow | Bedeviled by suburban Urban (Philly.com)
What’s up with thatKeith Urban? Is he the sort of celeb we’d all want our kids to emulate? Or some petty, lawsuit-dizzy prat? The erstwhile lovable, clean-cut Crocodile Dundee of the country music scene, who just rotated back from a tour in rehab, is suing this painter guy, Keith D. Urban, of Wayne, N.J. (Passaic County), charging D. uses his Web site, keithurban.com, to make money off the …

Rixler announces Office Multi Password Cracker (IT Observer)
Rixler Software today announced the availability of Office Multi-document Password Cracker, the company?s new solution to remove passwords from multiple Office documents.

Domestic news (The West Australian)
The Australian Federal Police says a rocket launcher seized as part of an investigation into a Sydney man with alleged links to a terrorist cell was “active” and could have been fired.

Can we stop the Earth’s warming up?

Sunday, February 4th, 2007

This question has been asked millions of times in the last
week alone, and has been in news papers and TV programs
all over the world. The question is however, will people be
ready to stop abusing the energy sources and supplies?

Is this the right moment to become more involved in the
future of our Earth? And will you be one of the first human
beings that are ready to start living a life less self-fulfilling,
and with much less use of electricity, car gaz, heating and
air-condition systems?

Today I made a search on the title of this rant and just look
at the many entries it brought up:

Found on BLOGS

Angry Earth A group of top climatologists meeting…
The most haunting aspect of the report states that global warming is a runaway process; there is nothing we can do to halt it. It is essentially like a large train with no brakes speeding down the tracks at 100mph and no one can stop it

Daily News Analysis: 2/3/07
Why does the whole ?global warming is caused by human beings? agenda bother Al Gore and his pals are globalists who desire to control the earth?s resources. a maximum size of 55 inches, one church is daring the NFL to stop them.

Cage Comforter Program | SHLTR
Steven Humphrey President Bush Asks US Soldiers To Stop Dying Fri 03 Nov 2006 Provider Suspects Client Of Deliberately Shifting Earth?s Tectonic Plates Thu 12 Oct ?Maybe we can come up with more money next year ? Jones said.

An Open Letter to Al Gore and David Suzuki
3: Changes in the earth?s temperature are too rapid Telling a person to stop driving their SUV and add 45 minutes to their commute in overcrowded buses is not a We have to use intelligence over emotion to solve global warming.

10 Fundamental Facts About Climate Change Politicians and Media
Most of the responses to Climate Change being considered will not stop the global 60% of the earth?s surface is used for agriculture. This soil can remove more of NSW and Convenor of the Carbon Coalition Against Global Warming,

Panel: "Watered Down" Versions of Global Warming
Panel Says Humans ?Very Likely? Cause of Global Warming ”This is just not something you can stop. We‘re just going to have to live with it,” We‘re creating a different planet. If you were to come up back in 100 years time,


Aust ‘must adapt’ to global warming (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)
The Federal Government says Australia should be focused on adapting to climate change, after a United Nations (UN) report on global warming predicted rising sea levels and more severe droughts and heatwaves.

There’s still time to act, but will we? (The State)
PARIS ? Global warming is happening now and it will continue for centuries no matter what we do. It could be devastating.

Global Warming Attacking Wine Vineyards (Blogcritics.org)
Global Warming is something we all hear about. We hear mention of it on the news, we see protests regarding it on college campuses, and we receive messages about it in our email in-boxes. But, most of us don’t really understand what it is, or we choose to ignore it. However, for those of us who are wine drinkers, Global Warming is knocking so hard we are about to have no choice but to open the …

Think about it, and ask yourself this question: Will I do something
about it in my “small and personal way”? And don’t you think that
only when more of us will make a try to change our totally useless
way of over using and abusing our energetic resources – the warming
up of Earth might stop progressing?

Most probably though the majority of the masses will keep doing
and living in the same way, and they’ll choose to ignore what is
happening and will continue to happen if we do not change the
way we live… And the way we think and act.

Thanks for reading this “totally uselless” rant and have a useful
week ahead!

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