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Martial Arts Online – An overview of martial arts

Sunday, June 18th, 2006

Martial Arts Online – An overview of martial arts: “Martial arts is a term used for fighting systems that originated in ancient times. If one does an overview of martial arts one will find that each system had its own set of techniques that it perfected over the ages. For the large part, martial arts did not encourage the use of weapons in combat, though exceptions exist.

One can trace the earliest form of martial arts to China, over 2500 years ago. Some of them traveled to Japan and other eastern countries from China. However, there’s another school of thought that says that the other eastern countries had their own martial arts. Unfortunately, their origins are not so well documented. ”

Plenty of info for martial art fans to get on the
site. Enjoy!


Your Recipe Depot – Home

Friday, June 16th, 2006

Your Recipe Depot – Home: “Add Zing to Food with Ginger
Food Preparation Help
Freezing & Defrosting Food
Garnish for More Attractive Food Presentations”

Up to the next filled with healthy recipes
info site, and enjoy!

posted by Tatiana Velitchkov | 1:35 PM
Vitamin Supplements – Home

Vitamin Supplements – Home: “Over-the-Counter Acne Cures
Acne Help is in Your Hands.
The Truth about Acne Products & Cosmetics
It is essential to know your facts about vitamins & minerals if you want to have a healthy diet and lifestyle.”
As you can see I have been busy with setting up some
very informational sites. Enjoy the news and info!


posted by Tatiana Velitchkov | 1:55 AM
Yoga For You – Home

Yoga For You – Home: “Hot Yoga may help you loose fat, but it may also create problems
How to get the most outstanding out of meditation
How Yoga heals
Kinds of Yoga
Kundalini Yoga taps at the deepest life force
It’s not difficult to make Yoga work for you”

Too Busy but still Able to Write or Create?

Wednesday, June 14th, 2006

Sometimes the day is too short to fit every
thing you wish in it, have you been there?
Seen and done that? Congratulations =) and
welcome in the so BUSY Society nowadays…

A society filled with workacholics and business
fed by the need of a bigger income to fulfil all
your increasing needs…

It’s been a very bysy few days and I didn’t have
the time to post here, but this is about to change
in the next week or so.

Talk to you soon!

Special Help for Writers

Friday, June 9th, 2006

If you are a writer than you probably
have been at one time or an other by the
space in between called “writers block”.

What I find helpful in such times is to
hold in my hands a stone called – Goethite.
Rainbow Goethite is the one that I prefer.

If you’re able to meditate it’s even better.
I have read and experienced that Goethite
provides balance and refreshes the user’s
love of life, and connection to the earth
and to others.

It helps the user to focus and avoid
distraction, so it is great for those
times when you need to concentrate.
Great for inventors, writers, artists
and teachers, this stone brings renewed
energy to the discovery process and connects
one to the music of the higher realm.

The other stone that helps against writer’s
blocks is Pyromorphite. This stone is said
brings wealth too, so if I were you I’d
certainly try to find these stones and put
them to use when needed…

The Secret – What It IS?

Friday, June 9th, 2006

Most probably many if you have heard about
The Secret, or have purchased the DVD, or
have seen the film online already on the site:

The film is very profound and it works for me,
as it does for the hundred of thousands of people
that have seen it and follow the guide lines to
achieve their dreams and regain their hope for
a far better life than they were able to believe in
before watching this film.

There are yahoo groups that members of
The Secret could join, and there is the forum
from the above mentioned site as well.

If you haven’t seen the movie as yet – DO IT!
This will be the greatest gift you could give
yourself, and you will be grateful you did!

In the last few years I was on “off mode”.

Thursday, June 8th, 2006

“on pause”. Since I was quite ill I had to take it easy
& allow my body to re-charge in order to get better

You can see here the articles of mine that were
published before I became ill. The “off mode” has
now changed into “on mode”, meaning I am back.

Meaning I am here to take my life to the next stage –
simply by following my dreams & knowing that I’ll
make my fortune!

Many of the articles and products of my friend
Charles Burke has kept me alive during the hard times,
as well as the book of my dear friend John Harricharan:
Power Pause

While “on pause” I was reading a lot and researching
Alchemy, Kabala, Reiki, Homeopathy, Healing, Buddhism,
Shamanism, Crystal Skulls and the healing properties of
the various minerals and gems. I’ll share my findings with
you on this in the comming months.

I fell in love with opals. From there I started cutting
and polishing this Queen of Gems. A friend of mine
who’s silver and gold smith made some terrific pieces
for me with my own opals, most of which I’ll keep
forever while others are for sale. You can see many
of the necklaces that I made with various stones,
gems and silver here . These are all originals & not to
be made again.

Now the time has come to get back to what I love most –
writing and by doing this – sharing what can be achieved
– easily and effortlessly and with pleasure!

Watch this blog closely – soon I’ll tell you about a great
step ahead in MANIFESTING… everything you want!
You’ll learn how to massively boost your affirmations,
your attraction work and your manifestations.

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